In stock car lease deals

Are you looking for the perfect lease without the wait? Vehicle Contracts has an expansive range of in stock lease deals to get you on the road as soon as possible.

An in stock car lease means you’ll usually get your vehicle in a matter of a few weeks rather than having to wait on a factory order where a vehicle is sent from a manufacturer. This significantly reduces the wait, perfect if you need your new lease car quickly.

Whether you’re looking for a compact car, a spacious SUV or the latest EV or hybrid, we have the perfect in stock lease deal for you, delivered in no time.

Why choose an in stock car lease deal?

In stock lease cars have the shortest delivery time as you don’t need to wait for a vehicle to be sent out by the manufacturer. This means, you cut the delivery time, getting you behind the wheel as soon as possible.

Why choose a Vehicle Contracts in stock car lease?

Vehicle Contracts have been in the car leasing business since 1999, meaning we’ve built up close relationships with dealers, manufacturers and finance companies. This allows us to not only offer some of the most competitive prices but also we can get you a lease vehicle as quickly as possible. 

Our expert team will help you find a lease that’s right for you and that suits your driving habits as well as your budget.

Browse our in stock lease cars below or speak to a member of our team for leasing help and advice.

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An “in stock” vehicle is one that we have readily available to send out to you once your lease agreement is arranged and signed. It means there’s a much shorter waiting period so you can get your new lease vehicle once everything is processed.

“In stock” means a vehicle has been sent by the manufacturer or is in the process of being sent rather than one we have to place an order for. They’re typically in the UK and available for delivery as soon as your contract and finance are agreed.

Lease car deals that are in stock are usually the same price or potentially cheaper than a standard lease deal.

Yes, you can get an in stock lease on all types of cars including electric and hybrids.

In stock lease cars will be sent out as soon as your finance deal is accepted. This will usually take between a day and a couple of weeks but please contact us if your request is urgent.

To get the car as quickly as possible, make sure you fill in all of your information accurately and have the documents ready to send. Also, ensure you respond to any correspondence from us or the finance company as soon as you receive it.

For car lease deals in stock, you’ll have a limited choice in terms of specifications and colour as the cars have already been delivered by the manufacturers. For more choice, check out our leasing offers or all of our car leasing deals.

A fast car lease is another name for an in stock car lease. It just means a car you can get as quickly as possible.

If the specific car you’d like isn’t in stock, you can place an order for the vehicle. Contact a member of our team today to discuss delivery lead times and to find the best car lease for you.

Anyone who wants to get their vehicle as soon as possible should choose an in stock lease. If you’d rather wait as you’re waiting for another contract to end or want more choice over the vehicle spec or colour, you can go for a normal car lease deal.