About Vehicle Leasing

Business and personal vehicle leasing allows you to drive a brand new car every couple of years for a fixed, low monthly payment. It’s not only a cost-effective way to access the latest cars from leading manufacturers but also gives you peace of mind with manufacturer warranties and road tax included.

Add a maintenance package to cover servicing, tyres, batteries etc. and an insurance package for added ease. Rather than tying your money up buying a car that depreciates in value, why not consider car leasing?

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Vehicle Contracts have close and longstanding partnerships with car manufacturers resulting in the most affordable car lease deals and special offers.

How car leasing works

Getting a car lease is a quick and simple five-step process:

  1. Choose a car to lease
  2. Choose the terms & extras
  3. Request your quote
  4. Approve your quote
  5. Enjoy your new car

You could have your brand new vehicle delivered in as little as a few days.

Why choose Vehicle Contracts?

We've been in business since 1999. In those 20+ years, we've developed close working relationships with dealers, manufacturers, leading finance lenders and leasing companies, This means we can guarantee the lowest and most competitive rates.

Our 20 years in the leasing business means we can offer honest specialist advice on all aspects of car leasing, helping you find the perfect vehicle and finance package that's right for you.

Electric & Hybrid Car Leasing

Electric and Hybrid car lease is quickly growing in popularity thanks to the environmental and economical benefits. Vehicle Contracts are experts in the field and can offer help and guidance on the latest green vehicles.

We offer a wide choice of the latest EVs and hybrids from leading manufacturers with an amazing selection of hybrid and electric car leasing special offers available.

Car leasing FAQs

What is car leasing?

Car leasing is a long-term rental of a car, usually for between one and four years. Car leases are available for both individuals and businesses with low payments for the duration of your contract.

What are the benefits of a car lease?

Leasing a car has a huge list of benefits including:

  • A car can lose up to 60% of its value in the first three years costing you the money you invest when buying
  • You can drive a brand new car every one to four years
  • Everything in one place with one bill - leased cars come with manufacturer warranties and breakdown cover with insurance and maintenance packages available
  • Deposits and monthly fees are low and affordable
  • You don't have any selling concerns - just hand your car back at the end of your contract

Should I lease or buy a car?

The decision to lease or buy a car is based on your own personal circumstances, however, leasing often works out as a cheaper way of driving a brand new car without losing money through depreciation.

How long can I lease a car for?

Car lease deals usually come with 12, 24, 36 or 48-month contracts with the flexibility to suit your individual needs.

Does car leasing include maintenance?

If you choose a maintenance package, your car maintenance will be covered throughout your car lease including servicing, tyres, batteries, etc. Some limits may apply so be sure to check out what's covered with your specific car.

What are the cheapest car lease deals?

You can find our latest best offers by checking out our car leasing deals.

What happens at the end of my car leasing contract?

We'll contact you around three and six months before the end of your agreement to see if you're interested in a new car lease. If you'd like a new lease, we'll try to arrange delivery at the same time as your current car is collected. If not, simply arrange collection for us to pick up your vehicle.

What's the difference between business and personal car leasing?

Personal car leasing is for an individual and business car leasing is for businesses and company cars. There's usually a price difference between personal and business leases as business prices are shown exclusive of VAT.

Our car leasing FAQs page is filled with the answers to all your leasing questions.