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Fiat offers a popular line of cars that are noted for their versatility and practicality. They provide a variety of vehicles to satisfy all driving demands as Italy's largest automotive manufacturer.

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Why choose a Fiat lease deal?

Fiat is one of Italy's oldest manufacturers, having been founded in Turin before the beginning of the century in 1899.  They have long been a success in the city car market, with a range of affordable models that appeal to both new drivers and families. 

Fiat has grown in popularity across the country and the rest of Europe as a result of its ability to develop vehicles that are engineered to be adaptable. A Fiat leasing deal has you covered whether you're searching for a city vehicle, a family estate, or a small SUV.

The Fiat 500 is a popular city car, having a convertible type as well as the bulkier 500L and 500X variations. The Fiat Tipo series, which contains the estate, hatchback, and saloon, is also available to lease. These cars were designed with efficiency in mind, and are among the most popular leasing choices in the UK today.

Fiat leases are offered throughout the full lineup, with a package that can be customised to meet any needs.

Should I get an electric Fiat lease?

It is a great idea to get an Electric car from Fiat. They have stated they "believe in the future of the electric car", and have decided to drastically lower the FCA group's average CO2 emissions along the road to zero emissions. This means you can confidently drive while knowing you are making a difference and have a car that you enjoy.

The Fiat 500 has been redesigned to fit in with the new electric lines that have recently been released, so you can now drive your favourite Fiat classic with a budget-friendly, eco-friendly boost.

Even better is the newest release, the Fiat Electric Cabrio which gives you a choice between the fan favourite hatchback or the trendy convertible to appeal to both Fiat's established market and new drivers alike. What could be better than that?

Benefits of Fiat car leasing?

Fiat is a well-known worldwide manufacturer that produces a wide range of fantastic cars under the Fiat-Chrysler brand. After dabbling in a variety of industries and developing a successful line of tractors that became a fixture in the Italian countryside after WWI, the company eventually settled on automobiles. They are based in the old Roman city and have had a lot of success in both the Italian and international markets.

When you lease a Fiat, you may choose from a variety of models, including the 500 Hatchback, the larger 500L and 500X, as well as the Tipo and Panda, and the 500 electric variants. Their vehicles give a smooth ride and a pleasurable driving experience, and Fiat-Chrysler is constantly improving its already renowned Fiat line.

Why choose Vehicle Contracts for Fiat lease deals?

Vehicle Contracts offers a wide selection of Fiat leasing options. Our inventory comprises the most up-to-date offers on a wide range of models for both business and personal leasing.

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Fiat FAQs

Leasing a Fiat is generally cheaper than buying one as you choose how much you pay for the initial payment and have low monthly payments. You also don’t have to shell out for a vehicle or have any expensive finance fees included. As a car is a depreciating asset, it can lose around 60% in the first three years so, with leasing, you don’t have to worry about this.

You can lease a Fiat 500 hatchback from £158.50 on a business lease. Prices vary depending on your upfront payment, contract length, mileage and other contract particulars.

Choosing a Fiat lease deal should be based on your budget and your motoring needs. Choose a vehicle that’s within your price range and with enough space for you and your passengers. If you’re looking for a city car, a Fiat 500 will be perfect but if you need a little more space for the family, a 500L and 500X or Tipo will be a better option.

Yes, Fiat offers an amazing selection of electric vehicles and is dedicated to reducing CO2 through the use of electric cars. Choose between the Fiat 500 as well as the Fiat Electric Cabrio. You can also select from hybrid vehicles with options available with the Fiat 500, 500X, Panda and the Tipo.

All Fiat lease deals can have a maintenance package added for a low monthly fee. This will cover you for routine servicing, general maintenance and tyre replacement.

Fiat lease contracts are typically 24, 36 or 48 months, however, some 12-month lease contracts are also available depending on availability.

Fiat is an excellent brand with an incredible reputation and an impressive selection of vehicles. They’re one of Italy’s oldest manufacturers and remain their biggest car manufacturer. They still create iconic vehicles including the Fiat 500 which has been on the roads since 1957.

Yes, all Vehicle Contracts Fiat lease deals are available on both personal and business contracts to suit your needs.

Leasing a car is the cheapest way to access a brand new vehicle. You pay a reasonable upfront fee and low monthly payment that’s fixed for the duration of your contract and also includes your road tax. As you don’t own the vehicle, you don’t have to worry about it depreciating in value or selling it when you fancy a change; just hand it back at the end of your contract and choose your new vehicle. 

First, choose the Fiat lease vehicle and spec that’s right for you and your budget. Then you’ll have to choose your contract particulars including whether it's business or personal, mileage, deposit amount, contract length and optional extras such as the maintenance package.