Car Leasing With Insurance

Our insured car leasing deals take all the hassle away from owning a car, giving you a “fuel & go” experience to drive where you want, when you want in a brand new car. We provide a total care service that leaves you with peace of mind and only one monthly bill.

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How Does Insured Car Leasing Work?

Our insured car leasing contracts are made in partnership with Arval Total Care. It offers you piece of mind with a package of insurance, maintenance and breakdown cover for one fixed monthly fee. Use our filters below to search by manufacturer and model to find the right vehicle for you.

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Personal Leasing With Insurance

Personal lease agreements that include insurance and maintenance can be a great way to make the process of leasing a new car more simple. We remove the hassle of needing to prepare insurance and breakdown cover for the delivery date of your vehicle. All of your costs and searching for the best prices are removed by a single monthly cost. Easy to manage and understand from day one to the day you return your vehicle.

Under our deals for personal car leasing with insurance and maintenance any of the following people are allowed to drive the vehicle.

  • The named driver.
  • Named driver’s spouse or partner.
  • Immediate family of the named driver including; Parents, Siblings and/or Children providing they meet other criteria for personal contract hire*

Business Leasing With Insurance

Business lease agreements that include insurance and maintenance make the whole experience of leasing a car one that is easy and makes sense from a business perspective. Car leasing with insurance and maintenance ties all your monthly costs into one simple monthly payment, as well as cutting all the time out of finding the best deals. Insured car leasing enables you to ‘rent’ a car with peace of mind that it is fully insured and maintained.

Under our deals for business leasing with insurance and maintenance any of the following people are allowed to drive the vehicle.

  • Any employee of the named company.
  • The employee’s spouse or domestic partner
  • Immediate family of the employee including; Parents, Siblings and/or Children providing they meet other criteria for contract hire*

Criteria for Insured Car Leasing with Arval

Any of the above mentioned drivers must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to drive a car leased with insurance and maintenance.

  • Driver is aged between 21-70 years.
  • Holds a full UK/EU Driving Licence which has been valid for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Have no more than two own-fault claims against them in the past two years.
  • No more than 6 penalty points on your licence.
  • Have not been subject to a driving ban in the past 5 years.
  • Have not been advised by the DVLA to stop driving, or by a medical practitioner for a medical condition.

Frequently Asked Questions on Insured Car Leasing

As part of our insured deals, Arval offers a range of services to ensure you get full use of your vehicle for the duration of your lease agreement.

For the duration of your lease agreement any of the drivers listed above are covered for both business and personal miles as part of the contract, this includes personal contract hire deals.

Additionally, the following areas come as part of your agreement;

  • A Contract Hire vehicle for your stated term.
  • Third Party Liability and Own Damage Protection (including fire and theft) provided by AIG.
  • Glass Damage Protection
  • Guaranteed Maintenance - for all your servicing and repairs on your vehicle
  • Breakdown Cover - to fix your car or recover it and if necessary, provide a replacement vehicle
  • Accident Management - management of your incident from start to finish by a dedicated Account Manager at Arval.
  • Financial Shortfall Protection - in the event of a write off to the vehicle.

In order to successfully complete an insured leasing agreement, drivers of the vehicle must meet the following criteria.

  • Be aged between the ages of 21-70
  • Hold a full UK/EU driving licence which has been valid for at least one year
  • Have no more than six points on their driving licence
  • Have a record of no more than two own fault claims in the last two years.
  • Have no more than six licence penalty points outstanding.
  • Have not been subject to a ban from driving in the past five years
  • Have not been advised to stop driving by DVLA or a medical practitioner due to current or ongoing medical conditions.

If you are unsure about any of the above terms of insured car leasing, contact a member of the Vehicle Contracts team who can advise you on your individual situation.

Yes, your insured car leasing payments are fixed throughout the entire term of your contract. There are only specific situations where this would change, such as if you were to drive more miles than originally agreed, or if the vehicle is involved in a number of accidents. In which case your insured car leasing terms and payments will be discussed with you.

In the situation where your car has been stolen, you will first need to notify the police and follow the necessary crime report with them. Once you have been given a crime reference number you will then need to notify the finance company within 24 hours of the incident

Araval will directly liaise with the police throughout the case. After 21 days if the car has been recovered and has been deemed at a loss, or hasn't been found, your insured car leasing agreement will be terminated. The finance company will then issue the relevant customer incident charge (CIC) to you. If there are any disagreements over the car's value, you will be liable to pay the difference. However, if you have taken out GAP Insurance this would cover the cost.

For more information on leasing a vehicle with insurance and maintenance included, take a look through our PDF guide.