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DS is a brand that was created with a distinct design and identity in mind, which is only enhanced by its ever-growing collection of premium models. View our selection of DS lease deals below, for both personal and contract hire leasing options.

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Why choose a DS lease deal?

The sophisticated use of driver assistance and how pleasant these cars are to handle are the reasons why DS has become such a desirable contract hire choice. All models are highly adaptable, providing engine economy and versatility while also being an excellent choice for families.

DS was established in 2009 as a Citroen sub-brand with the goal of producing more modern and high-quality cars under the Citroen name. The quality of DS Automobiles, on the other hand, has made them a popular brand in their own right, to the point that they are now their own distinct marque.

Rather than developing a large variety of cars, DS Automobiles has concentrated on refining a limited number of vehicles, staying true to its past as a luxury brand and ensuring that each car has an executive feel.

Should I get an electric DS lease?

A DS lease deal gives you access to a great range of vehicles, perfect for anyone with a love of electric or hybrid. Their full electric car,  the DS 3 Electric Crossback is both comfortable, luxurious and economical. It is the perfect size for popping into town to do some shopping or taking the kids to the school, but stylish and quiet enough to not look out of place at a corporate meeting.

If you are not quite ready to go full electric but like the idea of your car being more economical, then the large range of petrol plug-in hybrids will be the ideal choice for you. If you are in need of a luxurious but smaller option, the DS 4 is the one you are looking for! If you have a family and need that space, DS offers a brilliant larger Hatchback in the DS 7. If you are in need of something larger still but a little more on the premium end, the DS 9 is the perfect car to go for.

Benefits of DS leasing

Their teams work with the same thirst for avant-garde, uniqueness, and sophistication from the DS of the last century to the models of today and tomorrow. They are focused on the vehicle's elegance and comfort, and to do so, they must continually enhance the driving quality with new technology.

A great example of this is the fact the hydraulic suspension has been replaced by DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION, which analyses data from the road in real-time to alter the suspension hardness or softness and ensure the highest possible ride comfort.

They are constantly adapting their vehicles to accommodate the changes to both technologies and expectations, so you can be sure to always ride in style wherever you go with a DS lease deal.

DS Leasing at Vehicle Contracts

We have a broad range of DS leasing offers, with the most recent ones displayed below. Whether you need business or personal leasing, we can help you discover the best offer.

We've been in the leasing business since 1999 and can offer expert advice and affordable pricing for both personal and business leasing.

If you can't find what you're searching for, browse our selection or contact our team. Our experts are always available to give you a more tailored quote.


Choosing a DS lease deal rather than buying gives you access to a brand new DS car for a fixed monthly fee with a flexible upfront fee. Delivery and collection are free to the mainland UK and you can add a maintenance package for additional peace of mind. 

Road tax and a warranty are included in your monthly fee and when your contract is up, you can move on to your next lease, staying on top of the latest technology and safety equipment without having to sell your old vehicle for much lower than you paid for it.

Choosing your perfect lease is really up to your driving needs and the budget you have available. The DS 3 is a popular compact model which is also available in electric with the DS 3 Electric. For a little more space, you could go for the DS 7 Crossback or for something a little more luxurious, the DS 9 Saloon is the perfect executive leasing choice.

We do offer some used DS vehicles depending on availability. To discuss a used lease, please contact us to find out your options.

DS leasing starts from as little as just over £200 for the DS 3 Crossback on a business lease. Price will vary depending on your model and contract particulars.

DS has made a commitment to offering environmentally-friendly vehicles including electric and hybrid leasing. The DS 3 Electric Crossback is their impressive electric version of their premium vehicle. For hybrids, choose between petrol plug-in DS 4 Hatchback, DS 7 Crossback or DS 9 Saloon.

You can add a maintenance package to your DS lease through Vehicle Contracts for a small monthly fee. This will cover you for routine servicing and maintenance including tyre replacement.

Yes, DS is a great option for leasing thanks to their small but impressive range of vehicles. They separated from Citroen in 2009, focusing on creating a range that blends affordability and design in a practical package.

Yes, all of our DS leases are available on both personal and business contracts.

First, you choose a DS car and a specification that’s right for you and fits your budget. Then, you’ll have to decide on the below details:

  • The mileage
  • The contract length
  • The initial deposit
  • Whether you want to add maintenance
  • Optional extras

Once you’ve made up your mind, we’ll arrange your agreement before sending your paperwork to sign and then we’ll deliver your brand new DS lease vehicle.

Some vehicles are available on 12-month leasing contracts, however, availability varies depending on stock. Please contact us to discuss a 12-month lease.