Volvo Lease Deals

Volvo is a Swedish car manufacturer that has rapidly grown to become one of the most recognisable brands in the world. All of Volvo’s cars are known for being built with quality, innovation, and safety at the forefront, so you know you’re getting the very best with any Volvo lease deal.

The brand started manufacturing cars in 1927 with the ÖV4 - nicknamed “Jakob”. Since then, Volvo has constantly improved its designs to cope with the demands head-on.

Volvo’s emphasis on safety makes its Hatchback, SUV and Saloon models very popular with families. Safety has been one of Volvo’s core values since it’s first-ever cars rolled off the production line and continues to be to this day, as Volvo continues to lead the way with new safety innovations.

Why Lease a Volvo?

Taking out a Volvo lease deal means that you are getting the very best of onboard driver technology. As well as a comfortable luxurious interior, all of our brand new Volvo lease cars come with built-in Sensus navigation systems and boasts an amazing sound system from one of the best audio brands in the world.

One of the latest safety technologies that you can find in one of our many Volvo contract hire cars is IntelliSafe. IntelliSafe is a driver assisting technology that gives greater control providing steering wheel assist and improves the awareness of the driver’s surroundings by letting them monitor blind spots.

Volvo is also leading the way in the electric vehicle field, with an ambitious target to have 50% of its manufactured vehicles to be fully electric by 2025. We have amazing lease deals on Volvo’s range of petrol-electric SUV hybrids.

Great Lease Deals On Innovative Volvo Models

Whether it is for business or personal contract hire, Volvo’s excellent range of cars are available for unbeatable prices at Vehicle Contracts. Contact a member of our team for help finding the best Volvo lease deal or request a personalised quote sent to your email on and of the deals below. 

Discover a Volvo lease deal that enables you to snatch a great car while working to save you money. 

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