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Volvo is a Swedish car manufacturer that has quickly become one of the world's most recognisable brands. Volvo cars are renowned for being developed with class, ingenuity, and safety in mind, so you can be assured that whatever Volvo leasing offer you get is the finest.

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About Volvo leasing

The V4 - dubbed "Jakob" - was the first automobile produced by the company in 1927. Volvo has continued to enhance its designs in order to meet the needs of its customers since then.

Families favour Volvo's Hatchback, SUV, and Saloon models because of their emphasis on safety. Since the company's first vehicles rolled off the assembly line, safety has been one of Volvo's key principles, and it remains so today, as Volvo continues to pave the way with innovative safety advancements.

Why choose a Volvo lease deal?

When you lease a Volvo, you are getting the most advanced onboard driver technology available. All of our brand new Volvo leasing vehicles come with built-in Sensus navigation systems and an outstanding sound system from one of the top audio manufacturers in the world, in addition to a comfy luxury interior.

IntelliSafe is one of the most advanced safety features available in any of our Volvo contract rental vehicles. It is a driving assistance device that provides the driver increased control by aiding with steering and increasing awareness of their surroundings by allowing them to check blind spots.

Volvo is also a pioneer in the field of electric cars, with a goal of having 50% of its manufactured vehicles be fully electric by 2025. We've got fantastic leasing deals on Volvo's petrol-electric SUV hybrids.

Should I get an electric Volvo lease?

Volvo has made tremendous progress in the electric revolution in recent years.

Both the C40 Estate and the XC40 Electric Estate have a high mileage range between charges while still being incredibly fast, with a 0-62mph speed of just 4.7 seconds. They're both a great option for any business leasing customers wishing to lower their Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax expenses with no CO2 being emitted.

Throughout the model ranges, there are cost-effective plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid powertrains, with the popular XC60 variant offering a range of roughly 48.5 miles and up to 282 mpg. The S90 saloon is even more powerful, with 455 horsepower, a 54-mile electric range, and an astounding 353.1 mpg fuel economy.

Benefits of Volvo leasing

Volvo's leasing choices not only provide you access to some of the safest and best-engineered vehicles on UK roads, but they also provide cutting-edge aesthetics that is as straightforward and simplistic as the Swedish countryside.

Whatever Volvo lease option you are considering, whether it's an SUV, functional saloon, professional estate car, or affordable family hatchback, a Vehicle Contracts Volvo lease is a great choice for your next vehicle. Please contact our expert team to discuss your options. Call or send an email to:

How does Volvo leasing work?

Volvo's outstanding selection of vehicles are offered at affordable pricing at Vehicle Contracts, whether it's for personal or business contract rental. Simply pick a model that suits your needs, choose a suitable engine from our extensive range, add any optional extras and maintenance packages that you may require and your customised quote will be picked up by a member of our team. They will then be in touch to iron out the details and walk over the next steps with you.

You can have your own brand new car delivered to your own door and customised to fit your lifestyle in these simple steps. Give it a try today, you certainly won't regret it!

Volvo FAQs

The Volvo XC40 Estate starts from £307 on a personal lease and £255 on a business lease making it the most affordable Volvo vehicle.

Vehicle Contracts does offer a selection of 12 month lease deals, but a standard lease deal for a Volvo would be from two to four years. To discuss your leasing contract options, please contact us.

Yes, Volvo offers a range of electric and hybrid vehicles for you to choose from across their full range of models.

A Volvo lease deal varies in cost depending on the model, specification and contract details that you choose – business leases do tend to be slightly less expensive per month.

Volvo have a great reputation, often appearing high in reliability rankings.

Leasing a Volvo gives you access to a brand new vehicle for a low monthly fee and deposit. The fee is set for the duration of your contract and includes warranty, road tax and sometimes breakdown cover. At the end of your contract, you simply hand back your vehicle.

You should choose a Volvo lease deal based on your budget and driving habits. Choose a car that’s comfortably affordable and has plenty of space for you and your passengers – whether it’s just you commuting or you plan to regularly drive the family around.

Yes, every Volvo lease is available as both a personal and business lease.

To take out a Volvo lease, choose a model and specification that’s right for you. You’ll then have to choose the following details:

  • Personal or business
  • Contract length
  • Initial payment
  • Annual mileage
  • Maintenance package
  • Optional extras

Once you’ve chosen your specifications, we’ll send you your paperwork and arrange delivery of your new Volvo.