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Vauxhall are one of the oldest established car manufacturers and they are renowned for their reliable and affordable cars. Vauxhall has a vast array of vehicles from city cars, family hatchback and SUVs.

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About Vauxhall leasing

Established in 1903, Vauxhall's Griffin is one of the most recognised logos in the automotive sector. Their cars are fast, safe and reliable whilst still keeping up with modern trends. The Mokka - E showcases Vauxhalls' all electric car with low emissions and an impressive driving range along with newly designed exterior and interior. Vehicle Contracts offer leasing deals on a number of highly sought after Vauxhall vehicles and have something to fit every budget. The small Cora run-around for trips into town or nipping to the shops, to the larger Grandland SUV for family trips or the large weekly shop with the kids in tow. Vauxhall is a brand with very strong British roots and you can be sure that here at Vehicle Contracts we can offer you great leasing deals.

Why choose a Vauxhall lease deal?

Choosing a Vauxhall leasing deal couldn't be easier than with Vehicle Contracts. We stock a large selection of cars, from the Astra to the MPV Vivaro - E all boasting budget friendly prices meaning leasing couldn't be much easier. We offer options of Petrol, hybrid and EV amongst lots of the Vauxhall vehicles meaning you can be environmentally conscious without breaking the bank.

Should I get an electric Vauxhall lease?

Leasing an electric Vauxhall vehicle has never been easier, there are so many variants to choose from. The Corsa-E is Vauxhall's first full EV with an impressive average driving range and an all electric powertrain which vastly reduces emissions and ensures that running costs are lower. The Combo-E Life is a seven seater electric MPV that offers masses of interior storage similar in size and style to the Peugeot Rifter and the Citroen E Berlingo. The Combo-E offers emission free driving and allows business leasing to keep their BIK (Benefit in Kind) tax bills low. Vauxhall's Vivaro-e Life has an impressive 9 seats and has been compared to the Citroen E-SpaceTourer and the Peugeot e-Traveller for both looks and driveability and choosing to lease this Vauxhall spacious van couldn't be easier and would make you the envy of everyone on moving day.

Benefits of Vauxhall leasing

Vehicle Contract offers an amazing range of brand new cars to lease from Vauxhall that can accommodate you with every aspect of your life, from the small tidy Corsa to the larger Mokka for a growing family to the Vivaro - e Life for transporting the local sports team around. Winning several awards over recent years for their innovative designs and eco friendly technology with the Vivero - e winning best electric van of the year in 2020. By leasing a Vauxhall you know that you are getting a quality vehicle that is reliable and environmentally friendly with their promise that every vehicle will have an electric option by 2024 and by leasing with Vehicle Contract you are able to always have the most up to date vehicle available.

How does Vauxhall leasing work?

Simply look through our extensive range of Vauxhall cars and select the car that suits you best - remembering to select lease duration and mileage. Maintenance options are available to ensure that your leasing with Vehicle Contract gives you the smoothest ride. If you are spoilt for choice or simply unsure and can't decide, don't worry, our fantastic sales team can help you every step of the way helping you identify the right car for you, simply call or email at

Vauxhall FAQs

At Vehicle Contracts we stock a huge range of Vauxhall vehicles. We offer competitive prices so there is sure to be something that will fit all budgets. Our special offers page has our latest deals, but you can always call us to discuss a particular budget or vehicle.
Leasing a vehicle gives you access to brand new vehicles every 2 to 4 years. For one monthly payment, with a low initial payment you are able to budget smarter and have a reliable, brand new vehicle.
Yes! Most leasing contracts are for a minimum of 2 years, but here at Vehicle Contracts we are able to offer a 12 month leasing deal on some ex rental vehicles. More information and the range of vehicles can be found on the 12 month leasing page.
Vauxhall, with its Griffin logo is one of the most recognised and trusted brands in the automotive sector and has a reputation for being safe, reliable and modern. The Corsa is one of the UKs best selling vehicles and is easily spotted on the roads.
Certainly. Any Vauxhall leases can have a maintenance package added to it for extra peace of mind. The maintenance package ensures that you don't have to worry about repairs or tyres for the duration of your lease. More information can be found on our dedicated maintenance page.
Leasing a Vauxhall is definitely worth it. Vehicle Contracts can offer you a brand new Vauxhall lease for a one off low initial payment, followed by low and affordable monthly payment, there needn't even be any extra costs if you include the maintenance package to your lease.
Yes! Vauxhall has an array of electric vehicles from the affordable family car like the Astra Hatchback to the Mokka Electric Hatchback that boasts an 8 year battery warranty. Whether it's a business lease or a personal lease there is a Vauxhall electric lease that is right for you.
Vauxhall has lots of different vehicles to choose from and a lease to suit your needs whether it's a roomy family MPV like the Combi Life Electric Estate or the dependable sporty Corsa Hatchback. You can choose the Vauxhall lease that suits your budget and your lifestyle.
The benefits of leasing a Vauxhall from Vehicle Contracts mean that you can tailor your lease to your budget and your needs. You are able to set your mileage, initial payment amount and a maintenance package. You can easily update your lease to ensure that you have the newest model available ensuring complete peace of mind when out on the roads. Depending on your needs, you will always be able to find a lease to suit you.
Yes. All our leases are available on business or personal lease. You can see the offers tailored to business lease by changing the toggle at the top of the page from personal to business. Any questions or queries you may have, then we are more than happy to help you if you contact us.