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Land Rover is an unmistakably British brand that encapsulates the mentality of rolling up your sleeves and getting down to business. In today's market, the brand is known as the top all-terrain vehicle manufacturer.

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Why choose a Land Rover lease deal?

When you choose a Land Rover lease, you're acquiring something more than just a car from one of the world's largest four-wheel-drive experts - you're driving a global icon of all-terrain driving and an emblem of British automotive history.

Land Rover's extraordinary endurance comes from its historical production, which allows you to travel thousands of kilometres every year in any terrain and all weather.

Land Rover 4x4s are a fantastic choice for taking on any problems you face, whether it's for personal or commercial contract rental, because of its dependable manufacturing and enormous capacity.

Benefits of Land Rover leasing

Land Rover has been famous for its all-terrain vehicles since 1948 when the Rover business first adopted the name. Now owned by Jaguar Land Rover, they have bridged the gap between off-road capability and luxurious, stylish interiors.

Land Rover is a terrific leasing option whether you are cruising in the countryside, over a mountain, or just staying in a town or city centre. The premium Range Rover Sport, Evoque, and Velar, as well as the new Defender and best-selling Discovery Sport, are all available on Land Rover leasing packages.

How does Land Rover leasing work?

  • Choose your car - We have every major make and model, as well as a wide range of optional extras, allowing you to customise your car to meet your specific requirements
  • Place order - Our sales staff will order your vehicle after your credit has been accepted
  • Sign documents - After that, you'll be emailed the necessary paperwork to sign and return to us
  • Take delivery - We'll keep you updated with frequent updates whether you choose a car that's in stock (ready to drive) or a factory order (made to your specifications), with delivery to an address that suits you. Nothing could be more convenient! If you need more information on this, please take a look at our Deliver Process Guide.
  • Enjoy your car - Enjoy your car, knowing that we'll be there to assist you if you need it
  • Choose your next car - We'll contact you with plenty of time before your lease expires, allowing you plenty of time to choose and order your next new car if you decide to lease again

Why choose Vehicle Contracts for your Land Rover lease deal?

Vehicle Contracts has been in the industry since 1999, and during that time we've built strong relationships with automakers like Land Rover and financial firms, allowing us to provide the most reasonable and fair leasing rates available.

Because of our 20 years of experience, we can provide professional leasing support, and aid you in choosing the perfect car and finance package for you.

Land Rover FAQs

A Land Rover lease will vary depending on the model and specification you choose as well as your contract particulars. The mileage, contact length, deposit and extras such as a maintenance package all affect the price, however, fees start under £300 a month.

You can take out a business Range Rover Evoque lease for as little as £293 a month based on a 48-month contract with Vehicle Contracts.

A typical Land Rover lease is between 24 and 48 months. If you would like to discuss the contract length, please contact us on 01675 466 433 or

Vehicle Contracts offer a selection of 12-month lease deals, however, the vehicles available vary depending on availability. Please check the page or contact us to see if any Land Rover lease deals are available.

The Land Rover lease you pick is based on your driving needs and budget. Whether you choose one of the Range Rover series like the Sport or Velar or a classic vehicle like the Defender or Discovery, you’re sure to be happy with your a Land Rover lease.

Land Rover currently offers hybrid versions of their vehicles including the Defender, Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Velar.

You can add a maintenance package to your Land Rover lease deal for a fixed monthly fee which will cover you for servicing, maintenance and tyre replacements.

A Land Rover lease is the most affordable way to drive a brand new Land Rover, available for a low monthly fee with a low and flexible deposit. At the end of your contract, you simply return the vehicle and don’t have to worry about selling it for much less than you paid - just take out your next lease deal.

Fees are fixed and cover your road tax as well as a manufacturer warranty. You can also add maintenance to your contract for added peace of mind.

Yes, all Land Rover leases are available on both personal and business contract.

Land Rover is an iconic British company with a history dating back to 1948. They manufacture incredible 4x4 vehicles that are powerful both on and off-road. A Land Rover lease is the most reasonable way to drive a Land Rover.

To take out a Land Rover lease, you’ll have to choose the model and specification that’s right for you. Then, you should choose the mileage, contract length, deposit and additional extras that are right for you and your budget.