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Toyota is a Japanese firm that began in the 1930s and has slowly built their reputation for reliable and sturdy cars. They have an impressive range of off-road vehicles including SUVs and Pickups. They are also forward thinking and have led the way with self charging technology allowing more freedom of travel with none of the charging anxiety.

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About Toyota leasing

Founded in 1933 by Toyoda Kiichiro, the Japanese family firm produced its first car, the AA Sedan in 1936, its huge success prompted a change of the company name from Toyoda to Toyota, which created a more pleasing sound in Japanese and thus the Toyota Motor Corporation was established.

Toyota has gone from strength to strength and in 2008 they became the world's largest automotive manufacturer, with new and innovative designs and technology and leading the way with self charging hybrid vehicles like the Yaris hatchback and the robust Highlander. Toyota has also released a full range of fully electric cars in the bZ range, which stands for "Beyond Zero" making these high end and powerful cars perfect for the environmentally conscious individual to lease.

Why choose a Toyota lease deal?

Choosing to lease a Toyota couldn't be easier. The Corolla has 46 years of production under its belt and is still one of the most popular cars of choice with a solid build quality, reliability and fantastic value for money, with leasing options from Vehicle Contracts in both the Hatchback and the Touring Sport. Toyota also has an impressive GR range, including the GR Supra and the GR86 Coupe. The GR Supra (GR standing for Gazoo racing) has decades of sporting heritage behind it and was the first global model of a GR sports car enhancing Toyotas' claim to make 'ever better' cars. Showing that Toyota are just as versatile, if not more so, than other manufacturers, they have vehicles to suit all leasing needs, whether it a sporty GR option or a more practical option, like a Land Cruiser or a Prius, each with ample space for a larger family, or a well packed family vacation. The Toyota Land Cruiser is versatile on both road and off road meaning the skys the limit with your holidaying location. There's not much out there to really rival the Land Cruiser with its reputation exceeding LandRover and Jeep, however its emissions aren't too dissimilar to the Ssangyong's Rexton. The Mirai Saloon is a world first and is hydrogen based and almost silent to drive. Toyota are not averse to making bold steps into the future of car manufacturing and Mirai is proof of that. Choosing a Toyota Leasing deal allows you the flexibility to choose the car that's right for you and upgrade to the newest models when your lease renews.

Should I get an electric Toyota lease?

Leasing an electric vehicle from Vehicle Contracts couldn't be easier. Toyota has an amazing array of electric vehicles, from hybrid self charging to fully electric, to electric plug in. The Toyota Camry is the perfect example of self charging, it boasts the very top end luxury of a saloon car with heated leather seats and full range adaptive cruise control for a relaxing drive, and is more pocket pleasing than its counter part from Jaguar. The Rav 4 is an electric plug-in and has low CO2 emissions and is exceptionally cheap to run, with a distinctive design and oodles of boot space this makes it the ideal choice for either a family car or company car. The BZ4X Electric Hatchback is Toyota's contribution to the all electric vehicle and it certainly packs a punch. With an impressive array of features on the basic 'Pure' model including Lane Departure Alert with Steering Control, Cyclist and Motorbike Detection and Emergency steering Assist. Its 'Beyond Zero' emissions means that the BIK (Benefit in Kind) tax is super low for a company lease car.

Benefits of Toyota leasing

Leasing a Toyota from Vehicle Contracts makes perfect sense as there is such a huge range of vehicles to choose from, whether you want a business lease or a personal lease. With low to zero emission on most Toyota vehicles and most packed with a whole host of luxury features you'll have so much fun trying them out. Whether you're looking for a quick city run around, or a luxurious business vehicle there is plenty of choice. You can go off-roading in style in a Highlander or Land Cruiser or glide down motorways with ease in the GR range. When leasing your vehicle from us you can be sure that you are getting the best possible deal, with all the added bonus a lease receives including a new car every time you renew.

How does Toyota leasing work?

Simply chose the vehicle that you think best suits your needs (if you are undecided you can call on our amazing sales team and they will be more than happy to help you realise the car of your dreams), select the added options that you want, like milage, initial payment amount and lease length, and don't forget to look at the extra maintenance package to further add to your ease of driving away with a brand new Toyota vehicle and have a hassle free lease. A member of our team will be in touch with you to help you through the final finance steps and to ensure you have the best possible deal.

Toyota FAQs

The cost of leasing a Toyota varies depending on which of their great models you choose, and what extras you add. Vehicle Contracts will be able to offer you a competitive price for the Toyota vehicle that may interest you.
Leasing a Toyota is a sure fire way of ensuring that you always have the latest model without breaking the bank. Your monthly payments will be tailored to your budget and you can vary the length of your lease to suit your personal or business needs.
Yes! Here at Vehicle Contracts we offer a 12 month short lease deal allowing you more access to vehicles at an even better budget busting price. More information can be found on our dedicated 12 month lease page.
Toyota is a very trusted brand and is one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers. They are a family firm and are pioneering with self charging technology like in the Yaris Hatchback and the BZ (Beyond Zero) for the higher end vehicle like the Bz4x.
A maintenance package is available with any Toyota lease and this allows you to have a worry free experience. For the duration of your lease you will not have to worry about new tyres. MOTs or battery replacements. More information can be found on our maintenance page.
We certainly think so. Leasing from Vehicle Contracts means that you have only one monthly affordable payment which gives you peace of mind to know that you are driving a reliable and dependable vehicle.
Yes! Toyota has some cutting edge electric vehicles available and by leasing from Vehicle Contracts you can ensure that you have the most up to date and environmentally available vehicle, from a small city run around to the large urban SUV.
The choice of Toyota lease truly depends on your needs. You may need a zippy city car like the Aygo or the larger, more spacious Highlander Estate which allows you to pack a lot into the space. Whatever your needs, there is a lease for you and our team are more than happy to help talk you through the process.
The benefits of leasing a Toyota is that you don't need to worry about long term leasing and commitment. You take out the lease for the length of time that you require and when it is finished you hand the vehicle back with no fuss and you are free to take up a new lease and have the leading top model available. With the maintenance package added, you also no longer have to worry about repairs and costly bills as they are all included.
Yes. All our leases are available on business and personal lease. To search our range at the business lease prices simply toggle the button on the top of the screen to ensure you are on business and you are good to go. Remember, our team is here to help, just a phone call away.