Tesla lease

Tesla is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after car brands in the world thanks to its range of all-electric, luxury vehicles. Their prestigious cars are not only eco-friendly options, but they’re also cost-effective, supreme quality vehicles packed with mind-boggling tech, rocket-like acceleration and a huge range capability making a Tesla lease car one of the most popular on the market today.

About Tesla leasing

Tesla was founded in 2003, pioneering clean energy and electric vehicles, accelerating sustainable transport for the mainstream car market. They’ve clearly met their aim, disrupting the auto industry and becoming one of the most popular and talked about brands in the world.

Whilst other car manufacturers have only recently caught the electrical vehicle bug, Tesla has made strides in sustainable technology so you can reap the benefits; saving money and the environment, by not only slashing fuel costs but lowering emissions produced. They are fun and practical, all while doing their part for Mother Earth.

Why choose a Tesla lease?

With billionaire Elon Musk behind the company, Tesla is a trailblazer of EVs and constantly working to improve its technology and offering within its luxury electric cars.

Choose from a range of Tesla leases including sports cars, SUVs and more, such as the Model 3, Model X, Model Y and the first car they introduced to the UK market, the Model S. Browse our selection of competitive Tesla car leases and see how an electric car could benefit you today!

A Tesla lease gives you access to a brand new Tesla for a fixed and affordable monthly fee with maintenance packages available for additional peace of mind. At the end of your contract, just hand back your car and look for your new lease without any worries about depreciation or missing out on Tesla’s latest innovation.

How to lease a Tesla

Getting a brand new Tesla lease couldn’t be easier with Vehicle Contracts. Once you choose the model based on your budget, just decide on a few details then we can get you your new all-electric car. Choose the following:

  • Contract length
  • Initial fee
  • Mileage
  • Maintenance package
  • Optional extras and colours

Once we have all this along with some personal information, we’ll do the rest for you and get your new Tesla lease over to you in no time at all.

Browse our deals below or contact a member of our team if you’d like to chat with us about your new Tesla lease.

Why choose Vehicle Contracts for your Tesla lease?

Vehicle Contracts have been in the leasing business since 1999. As we deal in volume, we can guarantee some of the most affordable deals on a Tesla car lease.

We can provide expert advice from our knowledgeable team on all things to do with leasing, from finding the right vehicle to the best finance options for you.

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