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An incredible selection of makes and models are available if you're searching to lease a Skoda vehicle. Due to Skoda's endeavours, they have a very low running cost and have established a solid reputation throughout the years. Skoda vehicles are highly affordable and adaptable, making them a fantastic choice for car leasing.

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About Skoda leasing

Skoda is now celebrating over 20 years of success under the VW Group name. In addition to carrying on a proud tradition, Skoda has recently earned a prestigious renown for affordability, high durability, dependability, and an unique design philosophy that gives the cars a distinctive look.

Throughout the company's more than 120-year history, millions of vehicles have followed the first one that left our Mlad Boleslav facility in 1905. Although the company's registered office and vehicle development division are still located in the company's hometown, manufacturing has over time expanded to several other locations, towns, and nations.

Why choose a Skoda lease deal?

The Skoda brand has produced cutting-edge technology and innovations ever since the early days of the automobile industry. Bicycles were the first product of their commitment to perfecting people-moving technology, which was then followed by motorcycles and, finally, the class-leading vehicles you can drive today.

Laurin & Klement is the name known today for limited-edition cars, but was the original name when Skoda was formed in 1895, replaced by Skoda Works in 1925. They swiftly established a reputation for producing dependable, high-quality cars, which the ever growing VW Group evidently recognised when it bought them out in 2000.

Should I get an electric Skoda lease?

Sustainability is viewed by Skoda Auto as being crucial for the success of the future. They truly believe their efforts to achieve economic success, the dedication to social responsibility, and the keen knowledge of the environment are all intertwined and deserve equal respect.

The Skoda Enyaq iV Estate and its Coupe counterpart, both all-electric vehicles, have lately caught the automotive industry by storm thanks to its impressive road presence and long range between charges. In a petrol or diesel vehicle, there is a "lag" before the car truly accelerates when you push the accelerator. Instantaneous acceleration makes driving an electric car more responsive and enjoyable. For corporate leasing clients hoping to pay less in Benefit in Kind (BIK) taxes, having zero emissions is also a plus.

Octavia and superb are petrol plugin hybrids

The combined power of an electric motor and a petrol engine powers a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). They can run entirely on electricity for as long as is necessary to do errands and shorter trips, but a backup petrol engine is available if you need to travel further. The Octavia and the Superb are both fantastic examples of this in action and will also give you an enjoyable drive, spacious interior and great value for money, all while keeping with the trademark exterior designs.

Benefits of Skoda leasing

With a Skoda car lease, you may benefit from much more than just dependability; Skoda vehicles come with the newest security features and driving aids. Selected Skoda vehicles may be ordered with all-wheel drive, which makes driving on any surface considerably safer.

Skoda sees constructing sustainable vehicles as a crucial step in achieving economic success. Skoda cars, which have been around for more than 125 years, strike the ideal mix between comfort and sustainability.

If you choose to lease a Skoda with Vehicle Contracts, we can be sure to help you every step of the way and can provide you with a brand new car of your choice at the end of your contract. If you have any questions or need to chat over your options, feel free to get in touch with our professional, expert team.

How does Skoda leasing work?

Vehicle Contracts offers a wide selection of leasing options. Our inventory comprises the most up-to-date offers on a wide range of models for both business and personal leasing.

  • Choose your car - We have every major make and model, as well as a wide range of optional extras, allowing you to customise your car to meet your specific requirements
  • Place order - Our sales staff will order your vehicle after your credit has been accepted
  • Sign documents - After that, you'll be emailed the necessary paperwork to sign and return to us
  • Take delivery - We'll keep you updated with frequent updates whether you choose a car that's in stock (ready to drive) or a factory order (made to your specifications), with delivery to an address that suits you. Nothing could be more convenient! If you need more information on this, please take a look at our Deliver Process Guide.
  • Enjoy your car - Enjoy your car, knowing that we'll be there to assist you if you need it
  • Choose your next car - We'll contact you with plenty of time before your lease expires, allowing you plenty of time to choose and order your next new car if you decide to lease again

Browse our selection of leasing offers below, or contact us for a more tailored quotation.

Skoda FAQs

Skoda leases are available from Vehicle Contacts at affordable monthly prices ensuring that you can have the newest model without smashing your budget. All Skoda leases can be found on our special offers page which is constantly updated.
Most certainly! Skoda offers some fantastic leasing options from their amazing range of vehicles. Leasing means that you don't have to worry about rising monthly payments, or costly bills for repairs as they can all be included in your monthly payment. Even better, with a Skoda lease you can simply return at the end of the contract lease for the latest model in a new lease.
Yes! Most leasing contracts start at 2 years but here at Vehicle Contracts we are able to offer a 12 month leasing contract to help people with shorter leasing needs. Everything is explained in our dedicated 12 month leasing page.
Skoda has been around for decades and has only gone from strength to strength. Volkswaggan thought so when they welcomed Skoda into their team in 2000. Having recently received prestigious recognition for affordability, dependability and durability it is certainly safe to say that Skoda is a trusted brand and highly sought after.
Yes! You can add a maintenance package to any of our Skoda leasing deals at Vehicle Contracts. You can find out more about what is offered in our maintenance package by visiting our maintenance page.
Absolutely. Leasing a Skoda means that you only have one monthly payment to make to have the latest model and no repair hassle. You need never worry about having to sell your vehicle at the end of a lease before you can upgrade as we take care of all that for you. When your lease ends you hand the vehicle back and are free to take out a new lease for whichever model suits your needs.
Skoda offers an impressive range of electric vehicles that will suit all budgets and requirements, from the spacious Octavia Estate to the award winning Enyaq IV Coupe. Whether it's a business lease or a personal lease you can certainly lease an electric Skoda.
Skoda offers an impressive range of cars that you can lease. There is something for everyone, from ensuring you remain within budget, or ensuring that everyone has enough leg room on long family trips. From the Kamiq to the Kodiaq there is a Skoda lease waiting for you.
The benefits of leasing a Skoda are that you only have one monthly payment to make and zero worries as everything else is taken care of, especially if you include a maintenance package to your lease. You choose the mileage and the lease duration and any other added extras that are available for the model that you have chosen. Nothing could be simpler than leasing a Skoda from Vehicle Contracts.
Certainly! You can navigate through all the Skoda business lease vehicles by switching the toggle at the top of the page from personal to business. Vehicle Contracts offer both personal and business leasing. You can contact us if you have any further questions and we will be happy to help.