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Electric and hybrid car leasing is no longer a thing of the future. The green fuelled car is here and it is preparing to become the new normal in vehicle contract hire. More and more UK motorists are opting for an electric or hybrid car for their next lease. Are you joining them?

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Fully Electric Vehicles

Pure EVs or fully electric cars are becoming a very popular choice for car leasing. With fully green power and many benefits for both personal and business lease drivers. We offer a range of fully electric cars across top brands .

Plug in Hybrids

Plugin Hybrids (PHEVs) are a great way to find the middle ground between fuel and fully electric car leasing. View our range of Plugin Hybrid options available to lease with great deals on the latest models.

Self-charging Hybrids

Self charging hybrids can be known as regenerative hybrids. They have a battery and fuel powered engine just like plug-in hybrids, but the battery is recharged by power made in the breaking process of the vehicle meaning there is no need for plugged charging.

BEV, PHEV and HEV - which one is best for me?

Not all cars cost the same! A BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) vehicle will save you the most money long-term. If coupled with a smart charging tariff you could have hundreds a year on running costs.

A PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) is the second option. These having smaller batteries so can't travel as far, normally around 30 miles on a charge, after this the combustion engine will turn on. If you can keep your journeys to around 30 miles a day a PHEV can still save you a lot of money!

A final type is a HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle). These have batteries but can't be charged externally. They are charged from driving the car. They do provide some cost saving over a normal vehicle but it will still all be powered by your visits to the petrol station!

Charging on the go!

Public charging points are being across the country at a blistering rate. You can now find them at supermarkets, restaurants, car parks, hotels, gyms, hospitals and other public buildings.

The charging speed can range from 3.6kW right up to the super chargers at 22kW. Most will be similar to the charging speed of a home charger at around 7.4kW. Some charging points are free or a free add-on service, like being able to charge your vehicle which it is parked in a car park or while you use a particular supermarket.

Others places will levy a charge and this can vary widely from 4 to 40p per kWh.

Tax Benefits

The most obvious benefit, whether a business or private user, is the lower RFL charge you will pay annual on the vehicle. For fully electric cars and those less than 50g/km of CO2 emissions this is a big saving.

If a private user there a grants, until the end of 2021, for buying an electric car. For business users they can take advantage of First Year Allowance (FYA) and BiK savings.

There is also normally help from the manufacturer in setting up a home charging port or extended maintenance and support on the vehicle.

Electric & Hybrid Most asked Questions

As you may know, both electric and hybrid leasing give benefits over conventional fuel options such as petrol and diesel, but many people struggle to fully understand these newer fuel options when leasing them for the first time.

Fully electric cars are as they sound. They are run completely on battery power which means the car needs to be charged to refuel. This can be done via a home charging point or numerous charging stations throughout the UK. You will likely have seen them at your local supermarket and motorway services amongst other places.

Hybrids come in a range of options but are also powered by a traditional combustion engine. This can offer the best of both engine types, with the fuel economy and lower emissions offered by electric power along with the quicker fueling of a combustion engine.

For more information on all aspects of electric powered leasing, ready our guide on electric cars.

If you decide to get an electric or hybrid vehicle as your next lease, a home charging point is something you may want to consider. While it is not essential you have a home charging point there are benefits to having them over the need to use public charging stations.

Drivers with electric or hybrid vehicles can choose between charging at home or at public use charging points located throughout the UK.

If you choose to install a home charging point there are a range of options available to you including government grants available for the infrastructure needed. More details on this can be found here. This will run from your own electricity and allows your car to be charged while you are at home, ie. overnight.

Alternatively, public charging points are now becoming increasingly available. Statistics from the Department for Transport found that there were over 18,000 public charging points across the UK in July 2020. Of these, over 3,000 were rapid charging points.

The range of electric powered vehicles grows each year. It is now possible for drivers to get as much as 370+ miles from a single charge of their electric vehicles. Models from Tesla's range of electric vehicles are reported to all achieve in excess of 300 miles of range from a full charge, keeping pace with a full fuel tank from rival petrol and diesel engines.

Other manufacturers offer ranges which comfortably site in the 250 mile - 300 mile range bracket with family SUVs with models from Audi, Nissan and Kia becoming prominent.

Just like their petrol and diesel rivals, electric cars and all types of hybrids still require an MOT to be legally allowed on the road. Due to the removal of some key components in combustion engines, the cost of a service to a fully electric car can be significantly cheaper, increasing the savings drivers can make on other running costs.

Types of Electric Vehicles

If you know you want an electric vehicle as your next lease but don’t know what kind, you are now alone. Learn more about the choices you have and what best suits your needs.

EV Charging Guide

Moving from fuel to electric power can be daunting. Learn everything you need to know about charging your EV at home or one of the UK’s thousands of charging stations.

Electric Cars With The Best Range

The range of your electric car is one of the most important factors to know when considering different lease options. Read our guide on the electric cars which give the longest range, you may be surprised how far they will take you.

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