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Cupra was created from the Spanish company SEAT, and was created for rally racing, for which it created high performance sporting vehicles.Cupra is designed for those who want to stand out from the crowd and is created with emotion and performance in mind, with the intention to inspire the best driving experience.

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Relatively new in car manufacturer terms, Cupra was created in 2018 by SEAT as a separate brand and began to create their own cars, like the Formenta, which was no longer a car simply based on previous SEAT designs but created entirely from scratch with their own ideas and technology.

Cupra honour their motor heritage with its name 'cup racing' - Cupra. The now familiar tribal clan logo was first used as a one off to celebrate their victory in the 1996 FIA 2-litre World Rally Cup, and the Cupra brand has grown massively since. Initially creating models based on SEAT designs and technology they have now branched out and embraced their individuality creating cars that are meant to be driven daily, not only motorways and around towns, but also on twisting country roads, its rally history really helping to take corners smoothly.

All of Cupra's cars are built to the highest of standards and are packed with the latest technology, leaving you feeling that you are driving the car of the future and feeling slightly smug compared to all the other drivers around you.

The Leon has been awarded the highest standard of 5 stars for safety from Euro NCAP, and it's easy to see why when you see the tech it comes with - side assist, front assist, exit warning, rear assist, and park assist. It even has an optional extra for safety that will automatically close windows and tighten seat belts in the event of a collision.

The Cupra Born is their first fully electric vehicle and has already been named by What Car as car of the year for 2022 as best electric family car and for 2023 as best small electric car to drive. It has an impressive mileage range and comes with all the comforts in the interior that you could want, with lumbar support leather bucker seats, a steering wheel with built-in buttons, ensuring that everything is at your fingertips.

Intelligence assist parking means that you needn't worry about manoeuvring into that tight parking spot, as the technology will do it all for you. Pre-crash and exit warning technology also ensures that you are always safe and protected, and like the rest of the Cupra range it is prices very competitively, meaning that it is widely affordable.

Cupra strive to be environmentally friendly, and the Born is the first Cupra to be delivered to your door net carbon-neutral.