Guide to car lease maintenance package

A maintenance package covers you for routine servicing and maintenance of your lease vehicle for a low monthly fee. Find out what is and isn’t included to see whether adding a maintenance package is right for your lease deal.

What is a car lease maintenance package?

A maintenance package is an optional service that can be added to all Vehicle Contracts lease deals, whether you’re a personal or business customer. They’re designed to cover you for routine servicing as well as general maintenance for a fixed, low monthly fee, giving you peace of mind whilst cutting your motoring costs for the duration of your lease.

When you return your lease vehicle, it must be to the BVRLA guidelines or you could be subject to charges. A maintenance package will cover many aspects of your vehicle to ensure it meets the BVRLA guidelines.

How much is a maintenance package?

There’s no set price for a leasing maintenance package. Prices will vary depending on the make, model and car specifications along with the contract particulars such as the contract duration, mileage limit, payment and deposit amounts and whether you choose a business or personal contract.

If selected, your maintenance package will be included in your monthly cost.

Benefits of a maintenance package

For a fixed monthly fee, you’re covered for routine servicing and upkeep with a maintenance package. Below, you’ll find the key benefits of adding a package to your lease deal:

What's included in a leasing maintenance package?

Your maintenance package covers you for the following:

All manufacturer schedule services
MOTs if required (on vehicles older the three years)
Tyre repairs or replacements according to fair wear and tear
Oil top-ups
Battery repair or replacement
Wiper blade replacement
Bulb replacements
Brake pads & disk replacement
Belt replacement
Exhaust replacement
Some other perishable items
Car pick up and drop off is available
One call booking and management service

What's not included in the leasing package?

There are a few exclusions from a maintenance package which you’ll find below:

Damage from misfuelling
Windscreen repair (although this is covered by most insurance policies)
Accidental damage
Insurance claims
Vandalism or stolen parts
Bodywork or paintwork damage outside fair wear and tear

Will a maintenance package save me money?

To find out if your specific maintenance package will save you money, you have to consider the price of routine servicing as well as the potential cost of repairs you may need. Try to work out these costs and see how they compare to the monthly cost of your maintenance package.

On the whole, drivers save money with a maintenance package, especially if they have a high mileage limit.

With a maintenance package, you’ll have the peace of mind that you are covered for routine maintenance and everything is taken care of for you.