Audi Lease

Audi is one of the world's leading car manufacturers with a focus on the prestige car market. Owned by the Volkswagen group, their vehicles are sleek, stylish and packed with the latest in-car technology and are sure not to disappoint anyone who takes advantage of an Audi lease deal.

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About Audi leasing

An Audi lease is one of the most popular vehicle options in the UK. The German manufacturer forms part of the "Big Three" German car brands alongside similarly premium offerings from counterparts BMW and Mercedes Benz.

Founded in 1919 and relaunched again in 1969 as the brand we know and love today, Audi has a long history in the luxury car market and have consistently gone from strength to strength.

Why choose an Audi lease deal?

Audi lease deals give owners a car that is sleek, stylish and bursting with the latest technology.  With a great range of affordable Audi models available, you don't have to pay a premium price for a premium car. 

Audi owners love the top of the range technology they get, often as included as standard. "Vorsprung Durch Technik", Audi's slogan translates to English as "advancement through technology", words Audi lives by.

From a heritage forged by the infamous Audi quattro four-wheel-drive rally success, the brand now focuses more on the luxury elements of driving through the executive feel. From their impressive city car, the Audi A1 Sportback, to their iconic Audi TT and their luxury family-friendly SUVs like the Audi Q5 or Q2 to the powerful Audi R8 Spyder supercar, they literally have an Audi lease car for everyone.

Should I get an electric Audi lease?

Audi's expansive selection of electric vehicles in the E-Tron range makes them one of the leading manufacturers with an EV offering. You can choose from the E-Tron GT Saloon, E-Tron SUV, E-Tron Sportback, Q4 E-Tron Sportback and many other incredible electric vehicles.

With a clear dedication to range and offering EVs that can travel up to 300 miles, choosing an electric Audi lease can be an eco-friendly and economical Audi car leasing choice.

Audi also offers a large number of plug-in hybrid vehicles if you're not ready to make the switch to an all-electric vehicle. Models like the Q5 Estate, A3 Sportback and the Q8 all have hybrid options available.

How does Audi leasing work?

Getting an Audi lease from Vehicle Contracts couldn't be simpler. Once you have a budget in mind, choose the Audi car you would like to lease taking into account what you'll use the vehicle for - make sure you choose a car that's the right fit for you.

Once you've picked an Audi lease car, simply choose the following:

  • The contact length
  • The annual mileage
  • Your initial payment
  • A maintenance package
  • Colours and optional extras

Browse our complete range of Audi leasing options to find your perfect car. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, contact a member of our team who will be able to advise on the best Audi lease solution. 

Why choose Vehicle Contracts for your Audi lease deal?

Vehicle Contracts have been in the business since 1999 and in that time we have created strong relationships with car manufacturers like Audi and finance companies meaning we're able to offer the most competitive lease rates on the market.

Thanks to our 20 years of experience, we can offer expert leasing advice and help you find the vehicle and finance package that's perfect for you.

Audi FAQs

Audi lease offers start at around £200 per month for an A1 Sportback, Audi’s most affordable vehicle. Initial and monthly payments will vary depending on your selected model, mileage, contract length and optional extras such as a maintenance package.

Leasing an Audi gives you access to a brand-new car with low upfront and monthly payments. You don’t need to be concerned with the depreciation of the vehicle or selling the car when you’re ready for a change - simply return your vehicle and take out a new Audi lease. 

Audi contracts are typically a minimum of 24-months, however, please contact us if you’re interested in discussing a shorter lease.

Audi is one of the world’s leading car manufacturers who offer an incredible selection of reliable and exciting vehicles. Their range includes the impressive city car, the Audi A1 through to luxury SUVs like the Audi Q8 and high-performance sports cars like the RS 7 Avant.

You can add a maintenance package to every Audi lease from Vehicle Contracts to cover your servicing and tyre replacements.

Definitely! Leasing an Audi means you’ll have low monthly payments and low initial payments in comparison to buying an Audi. You have a huge choice of powerful, dependable cars with a model to suit any driver, whether you’re looking for a personal or business vehicle.

Yes! Audi offers an extensive selection of powerful electric vehicles in their E-Tron range; the E-Tron GT Saloon, the E-Tron Sportback, the E-Tron SUV, the Q4 E-Tron and the RS E-Tron GT Saloon.

Audi has a huge selection of vehicles available for you to choose from including small city cars like the Audi A1 Sportback, SUVs and family cars like the Audi Q5 and the E-Tron as well as incredible sports cars like the Audi R8 Spyder. You should choose an Audi contract hire that suits your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Choosing a lease Audi rather than buying means you can access a brand new Audi for a reasonable upfront payment with low monthly payments rather than paying out a huge amount when buying. You also don’t have to worry about long term commitments as contracts are set for two to four years and you won’t have to worry about the price of your car depreciating. As a manufacturer, Audi has a huge selection of vehicles that they create with the mantra, Vorsprung Durch Technik - advancements through technology, which really shows in every vehicle.

Yes, Audi business leases are available from Vehicle Contracts. Simply select a business lease when choosing your Audi or use the switch at the top of the website.