What are the benefits of leasing a car?

Leasing a car has many benefits when compared to purchasing and financing. From being the most affordable way to drive a brand new vehicle to convenience, you simply hand your vehicle back at the end of your contract rather than selling and having to worry about depreciation. Check out the most common benefits below to find out why leasing could be the best option for your next vehicle.

Low and fixed monthly payments

Your lease payments are fixed for the duration of your contract. Your monthly fee won’t change once agreed-upon meaning you can budget how much you’ll be paying out each month for your vehicle.

Payments are also flexible depending on your contract particulars. You can lower the payments when you take out your contract by paying more in your initial payment, reducing the mileage, increasing the lease length, etc. 


Payments include road tax and a manufacturer warranty

Your monthly payments cover road tax so there’s no need to worry about paying this separately. Most contracts also include a manufacturer warranty, often for the duration of your contract, putting all your vehicle payments in one place. 


Low and flexible deposit

When you take out your car lease, you choose the initial amount you pay to suit your budget - typically, a one, three, six, nine or 12-month payment. So, you can pay a small or large deposit which will affect the price of your monthly payments.

Although a deposit is generally recommended, there are also options for no deposit leases as well, however, you should keep in mind that your monthly payment will be higher with a lower deposit.

When compared with buying or financing, leasing is a much more affordable way of getting behind the wheel of a brand new car. This means you may be able to access a vehicle you couldn’t afford any other way so you could get your hands on your dream car for less. 

You can get a brand new car every few years

With car leasing, you can get a brand new car at the end of your contract - just contact us near the end of the deal to discuss your replacement vehicle. This means you can always have the latest vehicle release with the most up-to-date safety systems and technology.


No depreciation or selling worries

Cars depreciate by around 60% in the first three years so if you payout for a brand new car, you will lose a huge portion of your money in the first few years of ownership.

At the end of your lease contract, you simply arrange to have your car collected. There’s no need to worry about the hassle of selling your vehicle or how much money you’ll have lost when you fancy a change.


You have control over your car

Like when you purchase or finance a car, you still have full control over the car specification and look. You can select the engine size and type as well as colour options and what’s included with the car like spare tyres, toolkits and more.


Car leasing is convenient 

We’ll deliver your lease car directly to you at home or work at a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll also do this at the end of your contract and deliver your new lease car at the same time, where possible.

Delivery and collection are free of charge for a mainland UK address.


Avoid the issues that come with older cars

As your leasing contract is typically 48-months (Change to 36-Months) at most, you avoid the issues that come with older vehicles. Before things start to go wrong, and often before you need to MOT the vehicle, you simply return it. This means you don’t have to shell out when things start to go wrong with the vehicle.


Maintenance can be included

For additional peace of mind, you can add a maintenance package with your lease car for a fixed monthly fee. This covers the cost of your vehicle’s routine servicing and maintenance cost for things like tyre replacement or repairs as well as perishable items including batteries, wipers, bulbs and more.


Breakdown cover is often included

Most manufacturers offer a year of breakdown cover with a new lease vehicle and some will even cover you for the duration of your contract. Contact us to see if these benefits are available with the vehicle you want.


Skip the wait time

As we preorder many vehicles and work in volume, we can deliver your car with a shorter wait time than if you were buying or financing. With the ongoing chip shortage following the global pandemic, wait times can be huge but we can help to reduce these.

For more information on leasing vs buying, head to our handy guide.