Taking delivery of your new lease car

Your new car lease will be delivered on a pre-arranged date that has been confirmed with you. We normally require five to seven working days’ notice subject to all documentation being completed and after any cooling off period has ended.

What’s the delivery process for lease vehicles?

The handover process for your leased car is straightforward. First, we advise that you check the registration number and ensure it matches your paperwork and insurance details.

You should also check the specification of your car, to ensure it matches what you have ordered. Check the bodywork and interior of the car and make sure it’s in immaculate condition and to your satisfaction.

If you have any concerns, this must be reported to the delivery driver and detailed in the delivery note. It would be helpful if you take pictures of any delivery damage - please note that Vehicle Contracts or the supplying dealer cannot be held responsible for any reported damage after accepting delivery and signing the satisfaction note.

Who delivers my lease car?

All new car lease deliveries will be handed over by a dedicated driver from the supplying dealership or an agency driver. Ex-leased cars will be driven by agency drivers.

How long will it take for my lease car to be delivered?

This will all depend on whether the car is a pre-registered vehicle, an in-stock car, a pipeline car or a factory order. Your account manager will give you an estimated delivery date and we supply all details on your order form.

Below, you’ll find a little more information on the different lease car statuses:

  • Pre-registered vehicles - as these cars are already in stock at the dealership or compound and have already been registered, then delivery can be arranged very quickly, subject to all documentation clearance
  • in-stock cars - similarly, these vehicles are already in stock at the dealership or compound, and although registration is required, delivery can be arranged very quickly, subject to all documentation clearance
  • Pipeline cars - these cars have already been ordered at the factory, but there will be a lead time of four to 12 weeks for the car to be built, depending on the manufacturer. Your account manager can advise you of an estimated delivery date
  • Factory order cars - These cars require a new order to be placed with the manufacturer, and then the car will be placed in the pipeline to be built. The lead time on factory orders cars can range from six-24 weeks, depending on the manufacturer. Your account manager can advise you of an estimated delivery date

When do I insure my leased vehicle?

Once we’ve confirmed your delivery date and supplied you with the registration of your new car, you must arrange your vehicle insurance, if not included in your contract.

The car should have a fully comprehensive insurance policy and the hirer obtaining finance is the main policy holder on the insurance certificate. This policy should start from the date of the arranged delivery.

Please note, for personal contract hire agreements, the finance company is the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle.

What happens on the day of delivery?

On the delivery day, your vehicle will be delivered to your home address or place of employment - subject to being on the UK mainland.

Delivery will be arranged during normal working hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday only. Your delivery driver will have your contact details and they are advised to contact you on the day of delivery to give a more accurate time of arrival.

What do I need to do when my lease car is delivered?

Please check the registration details match your paperwork. Then, check all bodywork and the interior of the car to confirm you are completely satisfied with its condition - you will be asked to sign a delivery satisfaction note to confirm this.

If you see any damage, please report this to the driver and note it on the delivery paperwork. Also, as evidence, we advise you to take photographs of the damage.

Vehicle Contracts Ltd and/or the supplying dealer cannot be held responsible for any reported damage after accepting delivery and signing a satisfaction note.

Lease car delivery checklist

Below, you’ll find a list of everything you need to check on your new lease vehicle:

  • Check the bodywork – look for any dents or scratches
  • Check all glass including the windscreen – look for any stone chips or cracks
  • Check the alloys – look for any scratches, dents, or chips
  • Check the interior – look for scuffs on seats, and scratches on dash area and panelling
  • Check dash instruments – look for any displayed warning lights or other digital indications displaying problems with the car

Lease vehicle demonstration

When your vehicle arrives, the handover process begins with the driver. Please ensure you have a minimum of two sets of keys and a car manufacturers manual is supplied in the vehicle.

The driver is available to talk you through the functions of the vehicle from key-fob operations to the functionality of the vehicle.

Lease car delivery FAQs

Please call us immediately to check the registration details you have been given. Sometimes human errors can be made but we will clarify the correct details so that the issue can be remedied quickly.

Please report this to the delivery driver straight away. Also note this on the delivery paperwork, take photos and let us know. Rest assured any reported damage through no fault of your own at handover will be rectified.

Please let us know 72 hours before the arranged delivery date (Mon - Fri, working hours only). This will allow us enough time to change the delivery date to suit you.

Failure to do this could result in a terminated delivery fee charge

Don't worry, this is normal. Your last part of your paperwork is the delivery note. Once we have received this back from the delivery driver, we can complete your documentation pack.

Normally, one to 14 days after delivery, your first initial rental will be taken by direct debit.

Yes, please check you have a minimum of two sets of keys, the manufacturers manual (normally in the glovebox), locking wheel nut, a spare tyre and a tyre repair kit, if applicable.

For more delivery FAQs, please visit our full FAQs page.