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The Hyundai Motor Group's premium branch, Genesis, was established in 2015, and by mid-2021, the UK had received the manufacturer's first European models. Genesis strives to offer the "finest automobiles for connoisseurs" across the world, with an emphasis on comfort and style.

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About Genesis leasing

The three words that sum up the Genesis brand identity, are audacious, progressive, and unmistakably Korean. The ideal harmony between Athletic and Elegance defines the unique design experience offered by Genesis, much like a chef creating a mouth-watering meal. 

Style and design are clearly their main focus, with their predominant belief being that "design starts with the brand, design is the brand." Ever with that being their main focus, it's not difficult to find true performance in the line-up as well as polished electric powertrains. The best of both worlds certainly has this brand competing with prestige brands like Audi, Jaguar, BMW, and Mercedes.

Why choose a Genesis lease deal?

Genesis offer a range of great models with an electric range in there as well. By choosing them as your next car, you can blend the worlds of style and grace with fantastic performance and great economics.

The entry-level G70 sports saloon, an excellent substitute for the Audi A4, Jaguar XE, or even the Kia Stinger GT, is your point of entry into Genesis leasing. Also offered as a G70 "shooting brake" estate with a variety of engines.

Their flagship model, the G80, offers even more creature comforts and can easily rival the Mercedes-Benz GLE or Volvo XC90. With a luxurious cabin and a full suite of driver assistance technology, including the best Forward Collision System, there is no wonder that the G80 gets the full five stars from the Euro NCAP safety rating body.

Should I get an electric Genesis lease?

Genesis may not have the largest range of electric vehicles on offer but the GV60 all-electric range is certainly worth leasing! It is the smallest SUV available in the Genesis range but do not be fooled by the small stature, it can most definitely pack a punch on the open road with an abundance of power and lengthy range between charges. Its powerful battery is on par with the award-winning Kia EV6 and its impressive range means it could content with some of the top longest range EVs! 

If you weren't already impressed, then you can top it all off with an extremely low Benefit in Kind (BIK) rate if you are a business customer. 

Benefits of Genesis leasing

Leasing a Genesis means you're getting a car with Hyundai's 50 years of perfecting the ultimate car concentrated into the most luxurious range they have to offeróand all of that at reasonable leasing prices! They even have a package for everyone, from the small economical run around GV60 to the large, spacious SUV GV80 that has seating for up to seven people and an abundance of luggage space. 

There are many benefits to leasing a Genesis, including:

  • Low monthly payments on a luxury car that will have you standing out and feeling amazing.
  • A brand-new car of your choice, delivered directly to your door with all of the optional extras you could wish for.
  • Fixed price for up to 4 years, so you can be sure on the amount you will pay each month making budgeting easier.
  • No depreciation or selling worries, so when the end of your contract comes, you can just hand it back and we will deal with the rest, then you could even pick a different manufacturer if you wanted to mix things up a little!

These are only a few of the benefits you can gain from leasing a Genesis through Vehicle Contracts, if you have any further questions about your benefit potential, just get in touch with our team so we can talk it over with you.

How does Genesis leasing work?

Our leasing process is very simple and only has a few steps that you can follow to get your dream car.

  • Choose your car
  • Enquire to get a quote
  • Apply for finance
  • Sign your contract
  • Decide on a delivery date

Car leasing could not be easier, though if you do have any problems, simply get in touch with our dedicated team. We also have a comprehensive guide hub so you can read up on all things leasing.

Genesis FAQs

The Genesis G70 Saloon is the cheapest Genesis lease deal – it starts at £406 for personal lease and £338 for business lease.

Vehicle Contracts does offer a selection of 12 month lease deals, but a standard lease deal for a Genesis would be from two to four years. To discuss your leasing contract options, please contact us.

Yes, Genesis offers an electric vehicle – the Genesis GV60 is full electric.

A Genesis lease deal varies in cost depending on the model, specification and contract details that you choose - business leases do tend to be less expensive per month.
Yes - Genesis frequently tops other luxury car brands for quality and dependability.
Leasing a Genesis means you can drive home with a brand new vehicle for a low monthly fee and deposit. The fee is set for the duration of your contract and includes warranty, road tax and sometimes breakdown cover. At the end of your contract, you simply hand back your vehicle.
You should choose a Genesis lease deal based on your budget and what you're likely to use the car for. Choose a Genesis model with comfortable monthly payments and room for you and your passengers.
Yes, every Genesis lease is available as both a personal and business lease.

To take out a Genesis lease, choose a model and specification that’s right for your needs. You’ll then have to choose the following lease details:

  • Personal or business
  • Contract length
  • Initial payment
  • Annual mileage
  • Maintenance package
  • Optional extras

Once you’ve chosen your specifications, we’ll send you your paperwork and arrange delivery of your new Genesis car.