Top 5 Car Leasing Deals in 2019

By Vehicle Contracts17-02-2020

2019 brought with it a range of new and exciting cars to the market while some existing models continued to perform well. We have taken our top five most popular car leasings of 2019 to show you what your new car could look like. With regular special offers available on all of these models and more, it may be cheaper than you think to lease one of the best cars of the year. 

Audi A4 Saloon leasing 

Vehicle Contracts Top Cars of 2019

Audi A4 Saloon

Weighing in at number five, the Audi A4 Saloon takes all the best features that have made this car popular for years and gives them a new very stylish body trim. As you expect from an Audi, build quality and interior technology are marked highly.

As happens throughout the Audi range, the A4 has adopted some of the upgrades previously seen in the higher-class model the A6 Saloon. These high-end features combined with soft-touch materials and outstanding build quality help the A4 remain one of the most popular Saloons on the market.

With fierce competition from German rivals the BMW 3 Series and popular Mercedes C-Class, the Audi is far from cruising in this category. The A4 hosts one of the largest boot capacity’s in its class and is packed with technology at every turn to reinforce its superiority. Drivers can enjoy the benefits of a 10” central infotainment system and digital driver display as standard on all models, with slightly bigger screens a benefit of upgrade trims. 

Adding to the practicality always on offer from an A4, the cabin will comfortably hold 5 (driver and 4 passengers) for a medium-length journey. For many years this was deemed to be the perfect family saloon and the new model does not disappoint. From its quiet and comfy ride, you get a stylish exterior and all the technology you could want. The A4 Saloon is still an all-round great car with the build quality to withstand family life. 

VW Golf Leasing

VW Golf

Since the Mark 1 Golf was introduced by Volkswagen in 1974 it has proven to be one of the most popular hatchbacks around. In its over 45-year history, more than 35 million VW Golf’s have been sold worldwide. Now with the Mark 8 Golf, VW has retained the best features of the previous versions and added more technology than ever before to maintain it places ahead of competition from the Mercedes A-Class and top-level Ford Focus

As with the Mark 7 and Mark 6 before it, the new model provides an excellent family car. With a spacious cabin and good boot space for a hatchback, there is little practical difference from the highly successful Mark 7 with VW opting to not change what isn’t broken.

The main changes to the Mark 8 come in technology and exterior looks. From the driver’s seat, you are instantly drawn to the 8” digital speedometer and 10” touch-screen infotainment system. Unlike some competing vehicles, you get the same infotainment system on all trims of the Golf. If the touch-sensitive pads aren’t for you VW has also introduced a clever voice activation system to help you control almost everything you need.

From behind the wheel, the new Golf does not disappoint either. The range of engines including a new mild-hybrid system option give good levels of responsive power while retaining good fuel economy. You will note there is no electric engine option as VW recently launched the ID3, part of their all-electric ID range. All engine types in the golf offer enough power for city and motorway driving while granting the comfort you want even on bumpy surfaces. Allround, the Golf still remains one of the hottest hatches on the market and it is no surprise we find it in our top 5.

Mercedes A Class lease

Mercedes A-Class Hatchback

In at number 3, the Mercedes A-Class has become an instantly recognisable car on our roads in recent years. The hatchback is now joined by the A-Class Saloon as the entry-level Mercedes offerings. Despite being at the lower end of the Mercedes scale, the new A-Class takes plenty of features from high-end models such as the S-Class.

Inside the cabin, the A-Class blows away competition from the Audi A3 and new BMW 1 Series for wow factor. The difference from the previous A-Class is instantly noticeable with two screens across the dashboard. Stanard trim models have 7” twin-screens with upgrades available to even more impressive sizes. The first of these screens is a driver display, directly controllable from the steering wheel. The other screen positioned centrally is the infotainment system used for everything from climate control to seat massaging. Additional features are taken from the higher S-Class, including the “Hey Mercedes” voice control.

In terms of practicality, the A-Class has improved on the offering of its predecessor. The new model is slightly longer and wider, creating a much comfier cabin especially in the rear seats. Boot capacity is also slightly larger than the previous model but doesn’t offer the same capacity seen in the VW Golf.

Overall the new Mercedes A-Class offers a premium option to buy a hatchback and a great way to get your hands on a new Mercedes packed with innovative technology without needing to pay S-Class prices.

BMW 4 Series Coupe

The BMW 4 Series has been a popular car for over a decade. Combining the core values of sport and sophistication have made it an ideal car leasing choice for both personal and business customers. No real surprise to once again find it in our top 5.

For those seeking a sporty coupe, the 4 Series is never far from the front of your mind. It does, however, have strong competition. The sporty coupe market has seen significant advancements as features from high-end saloon’s have worked their way down across all manufacturers. The Mercedes C-Class Coupe is a living example of this as is the Lexus RC, both in the same weight class as the 4 Series.

The 4 Series is one of the most popular sporty coupes’s on the market due to its practicality. The cabin offers a genuine attempt at space for four people, often something lacking in a coupe with the rear seats an afterthought on many models. Additionally, the 4 series offers one of the largest boot capacities of a sporty coupe adding to the pull it generates.

BMW has announced there will be a new look 4 Series brought to market in late 2020 adding to the design they last updated in 2017. This will include the larger “nostril” grill that has become synonymous with new BMW models in recent years. The new 4 Series is sure to be a hit as the current one is.

Range Rover Evoque Leasing

Range Rover Evoque

Unsurprisingly top of our list, the Range Rover Evoque has become ever-present on the roads of the UK. An increasingly popular car in the business lease sector, the Evoque combines striking looks, interior tech and luxurious comfort to create a great all-round small SUV.

Fighting off strong competition from the Audi Q3 and the BMW X1, the Evoque now takes many elements from the higher-class Range Rover Velar, separating it from previous models. While the exterior has only seen minor design changes the rest of the new Evoque has moved on significantly.

On the inside, you will find a 10” touch-screen infotainment system, commonplace in premium SUV options in recent years. Options are available to add a second screen and digital speedometer for a fully modern cockpit. Many drivers also like the 10-way electrically adjustable front seats which come heated as standard. For those looking to go top of the range, the R-Dynamic model hosts upgraded interior materials, an even more stylish exterior and paddle gear shift amongst other added extras.

In the rear, you will find more legroom than the previous model despite the car being the same length. Land Rover has increased the space between the front and rear wheels to increase cabin space, offering a more comfortable experience for taller passengers. With these improvements added to the very solid foundations from the previous Evoque it is not hard to see why it was our most popular model in 2019. 

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