Tennis Stars and Their Choice of Cars

By Vehicle Contracts04-08-2022

Tennis Stars and Cars

So, Wimbledon has come and gone for another year. Cameron Norrie couldn’t make it to the final and lost to the eventual winner Novak Djokovic. The impressive Djokovic making it his 7th Wimbledon trophy so far in his playing career. But the burning question for us is “what cars do they drive”?

We gathered some information and here is what we found, what these top well know tennis players have in their collection.

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic’s is very much an enthusiast, his current car is a Tesla Model X. He has been spotted roaming around, probably looking for bigger trophy cabinets!

Djokovic's involvement with cars extends to endorsements. Mercedes-Benz and Peugeot, two manufacturers, have signed endorsement contracts with him. Djokovic owns and operates the sponsor's vehicles as a result. Specifically, a Mercedes-Benz 500s or a Peugeot 508 fastback top of the line.

Over the course of his professional tennis career, Djokovic has amassed wealth, and a luxurious lifestyle quickly followed. With over $50 million in earnings and a net worth of just around $150 million, Novak Djokovic has amassed quite the collection of automobiles.

Djokovic does lean toward premium cars in addition to his preference for electric cars. And despite not being a lover of supercars, he has managed to amass a car collection that includes expensive brands driven by well-known celebrities. These range from an Aston Martin DB9 to a Bentley GT to an Audi R8.

Rafa Nadal

Some of Rafa Nadal's winnings were used to purchase a range of sports cars, many of which we can only imagine driving, let alone owning. The 35-year-old Spaniard has often been seen in his Aston Martin DBS as well as his much beloved and rare Mercedes SL550. However, he is also the proud owner of a Kia Stinger, the brand’s high-powered sports vehicle type, as the brand ambassador of Kia Motors since 2004.

When not driving like James Bond in his Aston Martin DB9, Nadal also uses his Ferrari 458 Italia, which must be one of the best modern Ferraris we’ve seen. The price of this Italian sports car rises from its starting price of US$239,000 depending on the modifications made.

Many famous people own the great performance known as the 458 Italia. It is among the fastest and most potent vehicles ever made, much like Nadal's playing style. It's probably the fastest car in his collection, and it costs as much as that.

Roger Federer

One of the greatest tennis players of all time is thought to be Roger Federer. Federer has 20 major Grand Slam victories under his belt and has established himself as a leading figure in sports.

Outside of the court, Federer is a well-liked pick for brand endorsements thanks to his endearing appearance and humble demeanour. Federer is the brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz, a company as classy as he is, has been Federer's sponsor since 2008. The manufacturer extended his contract through 2027, paying him $5 million a year, in 2017.

It’s no wonder he has a multimillion-pound car collection with the drop-dead gorgeous Mercedes AMG GT S included. Other cars include the Mercedes V-Class, and the other is the high-powered Range Rover SVR, which is mainly driven by his daily driver, not a bad job hey!

Emma Raducanu

How could we not forget one of our own! With a flourish and impressing everyone in the process the US open winner in 2021 was Emma Raducanu. Emma Raducanu drives a Dacia Sandero to pay homage to her Romanian heritage.

It isn't among the most opulent vehicles available, but it is undoubtedly among the most reasonably priced. Who knows what the future may hold for her (and prize money), will she become a brand ambassador for Dacia or other luxury brands associated within the Tennis world? Could she be approached by some of the German brands like BMW or VW?

Whatever the outcome for Emma she certainly has the world at her feet currently.