Car Leasing Simplified: As Easy as One, Two, Three

By Vehicle Contracts08-08-2023

Here at Vehicle Contracts, our main aim is to ensure that you get the best possible customer service and vehicle possible. We want to make the whole process of leasing a car from is super easy, and what's easier than 1, 2, 3 ? Three simple ways we help you get that perfect car.

Numero Uno - Finding your perfect car.

Whether your new car lease is a business or personal lease, the process is very similar. Search throughout our extensive range of vehicles that are on offer, from the small run around like the Vauxhall Corsa to the bigger more luxurious vehicles like the Land Rover Defender or the Peugeot 508 Estate. Fill in the contact details for your chosen vehicle and get a personalised quote from a member of our dedicate sales team.

You can choose the amount of miles that suit you and your needs, you can change the initial payment amounts and the length of the entire lease contract to fit with your personal needs and budget. If you are leasing as a business, then you will need to provide a few extra details for the lease, like recent account statements and VAT returns as well as the business's year-end statements, but our finance forms guide you though it all, and we are only a phone call away if more help is needed. Handy guides are also available on our website that will provide extra information about the leasing process, as well as a handy FAQ section where the most common questions are answered.

There really is nothing to worry about as we are more than happy to assist you in any way that we can, and we want you to have the car you need at a price that is great.

Two good to be true - Maintaining your perfect car

After choosing your car, we have a really great option that can make life so much easier. We have a fantastic maintenance package that you can add to your lease and applies to both personal and business leases. Our maintenance package covers you for routine servicing and general maintenance. Our website is packed with information that will give you a greater idea about what is included, but essentially the package picks up where a manufacturer's warranty ends.

Maintenance of Vehicle

It includes an MOT if your vehicle is over 3 years old, tyre repairs or replacements, battery repairs or replacements, exhaust replacement, oil change and bulb replacement. There really isn't much that's not included, so it would well be worth the extra money added to your monthly leasing amount to ensure that peace of mind if something needs fixing. It also means that you won't have any other big expenditures, as the entire cost of maintenance for the duration of the lease will be factored in. It couldn't be simpler, and as always we are happy to talk you through the packages and how they can benefit you.

Now you've picked your car, you've considered the maintenance option and maybe added it to your lease, so the final step in our easy 1, 2, 3 guide is insurance. Yes, we really do make it that easy for you.

Three is the magic number - Leasing the whole package.

At Vehicle Contracts, we have the fantastic option of leasing a car with everything included, maintenance and insurance. We have a dedicated page called Car Leasing with Insurance where a huge array of cars are available to lease at one great price. Our insured leasing contracts are in partnership with Arval Total Care and as long as you are 21 or over you can lease a car with everything included, and you still have the option for a business or personal lease.

Handing over Keys

Our staff here at Vehicle Contracts will still be available to walk you through the process and answer any and all the questions that you may have. By law, all cars that are driven on the UK roads need to have car insurance, it can be an arduous process searching for a provider and getting quotes; leasing an insured vehicle with Vehicle Contracts is simply an easier and much quicker option, and you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are fully covered and all costs relating to your new car are included in the one monthly price.

Back and Fourth - Returning your vehicle.

Whilst leasing a vehicle might be as easy as 1, 2, 3, then returning it is child's play. When your lease is coming to an end Vehicle Contracts will be in touch with you and the process is very simple whether you chose to return the vehicle or take out another lease, we will assess the car for what is called ‘fair wear and tear'.

The BVRLA wear and tear guide explains everything that you can expect to happen. It is worth noting that any depreciation in your vehicle due to normal wear and tear - which is expected degrading through normal careful use - you will not be charged for. It is also worth noting that if you lease an insured car, then everything is already covered through the maintenance package with a few exceptions such as windscreens and accidental damage.

So there you have it, leasing is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Your new car lease is just a click away, and it can be totally stress-free.