Choosing the Perfect Family Car: A Guide

By Vehicle Contracts06-06-2023

Finding the right car for you and your family can be a daunting task, especially if that family changes over time. Here at Vehicle Contracts, we have some amazing family cars for lease, something that can suit almost anyone. We’ve highlighted some features that we think help make great family cars for an averaged sized family with 5 seats and even a larger SUV for a bigger or extended family, or just because you want that little bit extra room.

Safety First

Having a young family means that you will most likely at some point need to fix car seats into your car, safety is always a top concern of new parents when their baby is first placed in the new family car. All new cars in the UK come with ISOFIX as standard, they are hidden boxes in the corners of your back seats with metal crocodile like teeth to securely fix the car seat to.

Most cars have them in the rear outer seats, but some cars like the Škoda Octavia and the Cupra Born have an extra one in the front passenger seat. The Kia Niro EV has an extra feature that allows you to attach three car seats in the back, with 2 ISOFIX on the outer rear seats and allowing the car seat in the middle to be secured with a top tether anchor - meaning if you have triplets, or just three small children then you can safely travel in a standard family 5 seater car. The Kia Sorento has the capacity for 5 car seats to be attached, 4 of which have an ISOFIX fitting and all 5 have top tether anchors, this is amazing if you have a large family full of small people.

Let me entertain you

If your kids are a bit older, then fixing car seats may not be an issue and in-car entertainment may be top of your list of priorities. Cars are getting smarter and the technology that comes as standard with new cars these days can simply blow your mind, and not just tech for the passengers to be entertained but also tech for the driver, to make the driving experience easier and smoother and more relaxing.

For the driver's pleasure, Vauxhall Astra have introduced Pure Panel design eliminating all button control using a centre dash control screen, which also uses phone mirroring for both android and apple and voice recognition. The Kia Niro EV comes with Kia Connect which allows you to connect to an app and have a wealth of information at your fingertips, from maps, points of interest, traffic jams and driving distances, the app also allows you to remotely lock or unlock your car, activate features like the temperature inside your car before you get in, and wirelessly send over your travel information, so you can just get in the car and go.

Perhaps the Kia Sorento comes out top with a whole host of features, it has charging ports for each seat in the car, and cupholders a plenty, adding in ample storage in the doors and the panels in the third row for iPads and phones and extra netted seat storage, passengers have got the space to have home comforts whilst traveling, which is especially important as you can’t reach the third row from the front seat to distribute snacks and toys. The Sorento also has the option of heated seats throughout the car and a fitted window blind in the third row to stop the glare when watching devices, or to help younger children nap. With an option to have passenger talk, it enables a microphone to pick up your voice and ensure that the people in the third row can hear you clearly without having to shout.

Kia Sorento Interior

Practically perfect in every way

Here at Vehicle Contracts, we have a search dedicated to family cars, and it will instantly show you the cars that we have to offer that would make brilliant family cars. You might need a certain sized car for your family, but you also need to know that it drives well and is value for money. The Cupra Born has been named the best electric family car by What Car? last year (2022) and acknowledged to be a good all-rounder on comfort, price and practicality. Built with advanced powertrain technology and a battery pack size of up to 77 kWh giving you an amazing distance of over 300 miles for your family road trip and the added safety technology of adaptive cruise control, and travel assist that control the accelerator, brake and steering independently of the driver means that the stress of driving can be vastly alleviated.

Cupra Born

Skoda’s Octavia can be seen as a perfect family car as it has a huge boot, 590 litres to be precise, that is a lot of room for your family shopping, pram, or even surfing equipment and a picnic for a day out at the beach. With prices starting at around £25,000 you might be excused for thinking that it wouldn't make a durable family car, but Skoda have ensured that its interiors are hard wearing and easy to clean, and they even handily added an air-conditioned glove box (we all stash chocolate in there and forget about it), an umbrella under the passenger seat and a removable torch in case of a break-down. Really, what more could you ask for? Well there’s more. It also comes with a 3-year warranty that can be extended, and with a choice of engine sizes you can find the model that is best for you and keep on top of your cost. Coming with a host of safety features, like lane assist, and rearview parking means it is safe, affordable and reliable.

The Kia Niro EV is a fully electric option of a family car, it drives well and comes with a 64 kWh battery that gives you over 250 miles before you need to recharge, and a rapid charge will only take about 45 minutes. The boot space might be slightly smaller than the Octavia but at 451 litres there is still plenty of room for your family shop, school bags, and even a small family dog. With a drive mode feature built into the steering wheel, you can quickly change to whichever driving style best fits you, a 10.25 inch touch screen, heated front seats and RSPA (Remote Smart Parking Assist) means that you can drive the car forwards and backwards outside the car using the key as a remote; really who wouldn’t want to impress their kids with that?!

A unique family

Every family is unique, and every family will require different things out of their car. Vehicle Contracts recognises this, and we are more than happy to help talk you through any options that may be non-negotiable to you in your quest for your new family car. We have a wealth of knowledge about cars and may be able to advise you on a vehicle that you might not have thought about. Not everyone needs to have children's car seats, some may need to accommodate a family dog, some might need extra legroom for older children, and some might want the latest technology so that the car can be an extension of the family living room. Whatever you need, we are here to help, and please don't hesitate to contact us.