Debunking Myths Surrounding Electric Cars

By Vehicle Contracts17-05-2023


Electric cars might seem very futuristic, but the future is now, and electric cars are making massive waves in popularity, and they are spotted more and more frequently on the roads on a day-to-day basis. "But aren't they massively expensive and unreliable?"" I hear you cry. Well, let me set you straight. No, not any more. Manufacturers have worked really hard over recent years to make electric cars more affordable and more reliable. Here we will look at how charging, range, cost and choice have all been massively improved.

You can go the distance.

Electric cars and their batteries have massively improved, and they can now cover a lot more ground than in the past. Most can even cover similar distances as their petrol or diesel counterpart on a tank of fuel, the Kia Niro EV Estate has a 282 range and the Audi e-tron SUV has a 250 range, more than enough for almost any type of traveling.

You can go the distance image

Distance per charge has vastly improved since the first electric cars were released. A range of about 60 miles has quickly been upgraded to ensure that people could use them in everyday life, and Tesla now has an impressive 395-mile range on a full charge.

Fully Charged

More and more charging points are being installed, making it easy to charge your car no matter where you are. Surprisingly, there are still a number of free charging points across the country (however, some areas have significantly more than others!) meaning that you can save even more money by choosing one of these.

Fully Charged Image

There are various apps that you can download on your phone which highlight charging points near to your location and the types of charging points - as quick charging points means even less disruption to your travel - and also how much they will charge per kWh. Range anxiety need not hold you back any longer.

A not so costly choice

Everyone always thinks that electric cars are expensive and that there is little choice. Well, that is a thing of the past. More and more manufacturers are making electric cars, some only exclusively make electric cars like Polestar, and consumers are loving it.

The more choices that there are, the more competition there is to create a car that looks great, drives well and has a long charge and also that is friendly on the wallet. Popular cars like the Fiat 500 have been reimagined and now are hugely successful as an electric car, as has Vauxhall’s Corsa Hatchback, offering the same great design, reliability and affordability.

Electric cars today are going from strength to strength, and the technology that is being added to it is phenomenal, the digital key stored on your smartphone, the face and voice recognition, the 360-degree camera and parking sensors, and the over-the-air (OTA) updates which uses Wi-Fi to update your cars' firmware, along with larger interactive screens to make your driving experience flawless.

Not so costly choice image

Leasing an electric car is also another way of keeping costs down, as, whilst electric cars may cost more overall than traditional cars, when leasing you don’t have to worry about depreciation and the monthly cost depends on your initial deposit and how long you want to lease it and how far you plan on driving it. The manufacturer's warranty that comes as standard with all new electric cars, covers the basic life of the battery and relieves you of worry about repairs, you can also add in a maintenance package to help cover the cost of other repairs and servicing.


So, there you have it. Electric cars are here to stay, and they are filling our roads more and more. The worries of the past about cost, reliability and range anxiety have all but been eradicated, and you can lease an electric car at an affordable price, with your pick of designs and manufacturers you will be moving silently down the street, emitting zero emissions, making people scratch their heads wondering if you are a myth or a legend.