Exploring the Impact of Car Colours

By Vehicle Contracts28-02-2024

The most popular car colour in the UK might be grey at the moment, but that doesn’t stop car manufacturers from creating new vibrant colours for new cars. These colours, in some cases, are out there and are bright and eye-catching. When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, it always brings a smile to people's faces when they spot a brightly coloured car on the roads, almost as if the sun has brought the colour back. Here at Vehicle Contracts, we work hard to bring a range of colours to you when leasing a car. We want your car to not only be at a great price and practical for your needs but also to reflect your personality and vibrancy. We have brought together several great cars that are available in bright, vibrant colours that we think you are going to love.

Not Everything is Black and White

We may be used to seeing a lot of cars on the roads in solid neutral colours like black, grey and white, but look again. There are a growing number of people who are choosing to use colour in their cars to express themselves. Sales of red, blue, and green cars rose slightly last year, indicating a growing appetite for more vibrant hues. This trend suggests that colour, even if it is just a basic primary colour, is on the incline, but some big car manufacturers are going one step further.

Colourful Car Park

Volkswagen’s Areteon is available in a stunning Kingfisher Blue Metallic, created to reflect light and appear to change colour in different settings. VW has continued to innovate with colour, introducing vibrant options across their range, including the bold Makena Turquoise on the T-Roc, showcasing their commitment to bringing colour back to the car world. VW's approach to colour is not just about aesthetics but also about making a statement and standing out in a sea of grey monochrome.

Porsche is also no stranger to colour, with red being the most popular colour of their cars. They also have a unique system that will match any paint sample that you take to them. Porsche's Paint to Sample (PTS) program has expanded, offering an even wider range of customisation options, ensuring that every Porsche can be as unique as its owner. This commitment to personalisation reflects the brand's dedication to individuality and luxury.

Porsche also offers new colours that won't have you reaching for your sunglasses, the Taycan is available in Frozen Berry, which is a shimmering subtle lilac purple that is quite lovely to look at. The Taycan's colour palette is a testament to Porsche's innovative approach to design, blending performance with striking aesthetics. The more familiar colours of white, grey, and black are also available free of charge, but it just goes to show that you can have colour on your car and not have to pay the earth, and it may be the reason that we see a few more colourful cars on the road.

Porsche Frozen Berry

BMW has over 120 different colours to choose from, and they offer some amazing eye-catching options. BMW's Individual range allows customers to personalise their vehicles with a spectrum of unique colours, such as the vibrant Sao Paulo Yellow and the deep Frozen Portimao Blue, showcasing the brand's commitment to offering personalised luxury. Each model has a number of varied colour options that stray from the normal, highlighting BMW's dedication to diversity and individual expression.

So Bright, You Might Need Sunglasses

Some cars are better suited for bright colours in our minds, like the little Mini sailing along the motorway in sunshine yellow, bringing a smile to the faces of everyone who sees it. The Mini brand has embraced colour with open arms, offering models in a range of hues from the classic British Racing Green to the playful Zesty Yellow, reflecting the brand's fun and spirited ethos. The Barbie pink Fiat 500, although a limited edition, always grabs your attention when you see it out and about. Fiat has continued this trend with the new 500 Electric, introducing a palette of vibrant colours designed to stand out and appeal to a broad audience.

The higher-end luxury cars showcase the brighter colours well and hold their value. Cars like the Jaguar F Type in Sunset gold or Firenze red and the Mercedes-Benz C Class AMG Cabriolet in Hyacinth Red. Each is elegant and highly sought after, and looks stunning on the road. Luxury brands like Aston Martin and Bentley have introduced bespoke colour services, allowing for unparalleled customisation and ensuring that each vehicle is as unique as its owner. This trend towards personalisation and bold colour choices in the luxury car market underscores a desire for individuality and distinction.

With new shades and new paint technology, there are more and more choices available, colours that reflect light and appear to change shade when in a different light, and even the matte colours that are growing in popularity, may be restrictive in their colour options at the moment, but they stand out as different and isn’t that what you want with your car, to be seen and celebrated as you cruise around.

The Cars of The Future

BMW may have come up with the ultimate in car colour, with an innovative concept design of a colour-changing car. The i Vision Dee, standing for Digital Emotional Experience, comes with 240 different panel segments, which allows the colour to change between 32 different solid colours. This groundbreaking technology not only highlights BMW's innovative spirit but also points towards a future where personalisation and adaptability become central to the automotive experience.

Made up of electronic paper from a start-up company called E Ink, it contains millions of tiny microcapsules that can change shade when electricity is applied. The car may still be in the concept stage, but BMW has big plans for a 2025 release, with lots of extra tech being added. This could very well be the future of choosing your favourite car colour. The bright shiny happy colours for the glorious summer days cruising along the coast. Here at Vehicle Contracts, we always try to stay a step ahead and strive to offer the best variety of cars available and will try our best to source any colour or model you desire, our team are only a phone call away if you have any questions.

Header image credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/yellow-sports-car-X16zXcbxU4U