As a fleet manager or decision maker you now need to calculate the total cost of each vehicle in your fleet over a given mileage, this means you need to consider not just the monthly rental price. You'll also need to take account of the Whole Life Costs which equates to the total costs of running the vehicle.

The Whole Life Costs take into account all the related factors over the vehicle contract:

The lease rental
The service rental including servicing and maintenance costs
Running costs – including likely fuel expenditure.
Also VAT Recovery, Employer NI, and Tax Calculations.

This is the only accurate way of calculating the true cost of running a vehicle. Each Hirer needs accurate Whole Life Costs if they are to make the most cost-effective decisions when acquiring fleet vehicles.

Vehicle Contracts can supply Whole Life Costs for each vehicle and for multiple vehicle comparisons.

Below is a comparison (3+35 20kpa, maintained) of a Vauxhall Insignia, Vauxhall Ampera, and a BMW 320d ED. This comparison shows the variation between the monthly rental of the vehicle, the vehicle P11D and the actual Whole Life Costs.

For further information speak to your representative at VC or email us an enquiry requesting Whole Life Costs

Compare Vehicles

Agreement Details

  • AgreementContract HireContract HireContract Hire
  • Term363636
  • Miles per annum20,00020,00020,000
  • Total mileage60,00060,00060,000

Variant Details

  • CDTi ecoFLEXPositiv 5dr Auto 12EfficientDynamics
  • SRi 5dr [Start4dr 130
  • Stop] 12B

Vehicle Details

  • Model year12B1213
  • Body styleHatchbackHatchbackSaloon
  • TransmissionManualAutomaticManual
  • Engine size1956cc.1cc.1995cc.
  • Number of doors554
  • Insurance group192031
  • Vehicle typeCarCarCar
  • Options selected111
  • CO2 emission116 g/km27 g/km109 g/km
  • CO2 bandCAB
  • Fuel typeDieselElectricDiesel
  • Fuel deliveryTurboTurbo
  • Fuel economy (Urban cold)53.3217.354.3
  • Fuel economy (Extra urban)72.4313.980.7
  • Fuel economy (Combined)64.2235.468.9
  • Taxable list price£25,180.00£37,690.00£28,635.00

Financial Details

  • Extras rental (excl VAT)£0.00£11.38£12.62
  • Lease rental (excl VAT)£272.72£497.19£396.52
  • Service rental (excl VAT)£42.29£36.29£40.02
  • Monthly rental (excl VAT)£315.01£533.48£436.54
  • Initial payment (excl VAT)£945.03£1,600.44£1,309.62
  • Effective rental£342.28£583.20£476.19
  • Disallowable VAT£27.27£49.72£39.65
  • Excess mileage (excl VAT)9.3 ppm12.3 ppm10.1 ppm
  • Taxable list price (P11D)£25,180.00£37,690.00£28,635.00

Whole Life Cost Details

  • CO2 emission116 g/km27 g/km109 g/km
  • Fuel economy (Combined)64.2 mpg235.4 mpg68.9 mpg
  • Lease rental (excl VAT)£272.72£497.19£396.52
  • Service rental (excl VAT)£42.29£36.29£40.02
  • Monthly rental (excl VAT)£315.01£533.48£436.54
  • Disallowable VAT£27.27£49.72£39.65
  • Effective rental£342.28£583.20£476.19
  • Fuel Cost£153.27£40.08£142.82
  • WLC Vat Perc20%20%20%
  • WLC Company Vat Recovery Perc100%100%100%
  • WLC Employer NI Perc14%14%14%
  • WLC Employer NI on Vehicle£49.23£21.67£49.40
  • WLC Pre Tax£544.78£644.95£668.41
  • WLC Lease Rental Restriction£0.00£0.00£0.00
  • WLC Used for Tax Calculation£544.78£644.95£668.41
  • WLC Cost Corporation Tax Perc20%20%20%
  • WLC Cost Corporation Tax Saving£108.96£128.99£133.68
  • WLC Post Tax£435.82£515.96£534.72
  • WLC Tax Adjusted£544.78£644.95£668.41
  • Whole Life Cost£544.78£644.95£668.41